“Crisis.  Big crisis.  Serious crisis.  Big, serious crisis.” They’re the very first words we hear in the new trailer for Doctor Who series 12.  And, they come from the Doctor, herself.  The new season brings back Jodie Whittaker as the Doctor, and ‘something’ is coming for her.  Well, many things are coming for her, most likely.  One of those things being an old and familiar foe. 

The twelfth season is looking much more serious for this Doctor.  There is a threat in the trailer referring to “the end of your lives”.  That may mean the Doctor herself, and it may mean her whole party.  Her companions, Ryan (Tosin Cole), Yaz (Mandip Gill), and Graham (Bradley Walsh) are solidly by her side, as we’d expect.  One for all and all for one.  That kind of thing.  Either way, we’re sure to get some evil toothy alien action, fire, maybe bats or bat-like things, bowties and… the Cybermen are back, ya’ll!  It’s going to be an eventful season!  

Doctor Who Series 12 season premiere will be a two-part event, airing on New Year’s Day, 2020.  8pm.  BBC One and BBC America.  Fancy a trip in the box?  

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