Originally posted 7/25/21

Hold on to your butts, Whovians! Doctor Who landed the TARDIS at SDCC 2021 for a panel chock full of surprises, laughs and Season 13 hot gossip! Moderator Melanie McFarland led a lively discussion with showrunner Chris Chibnall, the Doctor herself, Jodie WhittakerMandip Gill a.k.a. Yaz and John Bishop, who will be joining Team TARDIS as Dan. 

Firstly, our Doctor Who crew shared their reactions regarding the upcoming season. We learned that, unlike previous installments, Season 13 will have one main storyline. In the past, it wasn’t uncommon for there to be two-part episodes. This is quite an ambitious undertaking for a show like Doctor Who. This means that each episode will end on a cliffhanger. 

Of course, when Dan first meets the Doctor and Yaz, some time will have passed since Ryan (Tosin Cole) and Graham (Bradley Walsh) departed.

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But that’s not all! Season 13 will also boast incredible guest stars, some of whom will be recurring. Sunday’s panel revealed one of those guest stars as Game of Thrones‘ Jacob Anderson!

Anderson will portray Vinder, and he’ll even have his own ship. While the actor couldn’t be present for the panel, he did share a heartfelt message for the fans via video. His excitement was palpable. 

During the Doctor Who panel, Bishop regaled us with the tale of his audition process, and what it was like joining the Whovian fam. Apparently, Chibnall initially approached the comedian as the latter was about to go on tour.

However, the global pandemic took hold, which gave Bishop the opportunity to join the legendary sci-fi series. He described the set dynamic as “supportive,” citing that Whittaker and Gill made it feel like joining a family.

Then, the floor opened for fan questions. One fan asked the panelists if they could portray a different character on Who, who would they choose? Gill instantly laid claim to Sacha Dhawan‘s iteration of the Master. Hot on her heels, Whittaker gushed about Michelle Gomez‘s Missy.

Bishop said he would play Graham since both Whittaker and Gill adore Bradley Walsh. Lastly, Chibnall would portray Rory, Arthur Darvill‘s character. 

Now, the quartet was asked to reveal their descriptions of the highly anticipated 13th season. “Inspirational” and “mysterious” were just a few words used to describe it. Chibnall also informed us that we’ll meet plenty of new monsters along the way.

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But wait … there’s more! A new trailer debuted at the end of the panel. We get to see Whittaker, Gill, Bishop and Anderson in action, albeit briefly. It appears as though Doctor Who has upped its game in terms of set design and special effects, so I’m curious to see how this all plays out. 

You can watch the full panel and trailer below as well as take a peek at Jacob Anderson’s Vinder in all of his glory. Doctor Who will return for Season 13 later this year. 

Jacob Anderson as Vinder in Doctor Who, revealed at SDCC 2021.

A Message From DOCTOR WHO’s The Doctor




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