There is a lot of hype around the upcoming series of Doctor Who. Not only will it have Jodie Whittaker as our first female Doctor (finally!) and a new showrunner but it will now have a POC composer that has been quoted as being a rising star. Every Whovian wave hello to Segun Akinola, the man currently tasked with pulling on our heartstrings with his music. Doctor Who looks to be in an almost full upheavel and it’s great.

The Royal Birmingham Conservatoire alumni has a hard task ahead of him. We need to be excited, scared, sad, mad, all with his music. Admittedly, sometimes the music gets lost in all the excitement of the show. But some well places chords can help bring tears to eyes. Showrunner Chris Chibnall told the BBC how excited he was for Akinola to be joining them on their new adventure. “Welcome to the Doctor Who family, Segun Akinola! We’re over the moon Segun’s agreed to join us, to provide the score for the next phase of the Doctor Who adventure. From our very first conversations, it was obvious Segun was a passionate, collaborative and delightful human being as well as a fantastic and bold composer.  We’re looking forward to introducing the world to his exciting and emotional soundtracks for the Thirteenth Doctor.” 

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Akinola also expressed his excitement in joining such an enormous pop culture phenomenon. “Doctor Who is woven into the fabric of British culture and recognised globally. I am absolutely thrilled to be given the privilege of working on such a beloved series and to bring my musical voice to it”. And frankly, I’m sold. Chibnall’s outright praise of the composer is greatly encouraging. We have no idea just what the show has planned for us. And if the man who is putting all the pieces together has found someone he can collaborate with, I think we should all be excited.

While we haven’t gotten a trailer just yet, we’ll be seeing the new crew at SDCC in less than a month. It’s unknown if we’ll get a trailer before or during the convention but it feels like we’ll be seeing some footage soon. I think I speak for many Whovians when I say – I can’t wait a minute more! I’m very much hoping we’ll be getting a sample of Akinola’s work in the trailer but he may not have anything ready yet. I’m so ready to see the Thirteenth Doctor on her adventures!

What do you think of Akinola? Let us know! Be sure to come back to Geek Girl Authority for more Doctor Who news. The upcoming series of Doctor Who airs this autumn.


Erin Lynch