I am very much opposed to Christmas bleeding over before Thanksgiving, but for Doctor Who, I will make an exception! BBC released the preview for the upcoming Christmas special, “Twice Upon A Time”.

The two minute clip starts with The 1st Doctor (originally played by William Hartnell, revived here by David Bradley) entering the TARDIS and, after asking if he’d been burgled, complaining how ugly the new decor is. The “ugly” decor change is a running joke every time the Doctor runs into another version of himself, and it is nice to see the gag continue! Accompanying The Doctor is a WWI captain (Mark Gatiss), who shows the same flabbergastedness as almost all the other companions: the police box is inexplicably larger on the inside than the outside! This is when our current 12th Doctor (Peter Capaldi) makes his entrance, still showing his annoyance at the incredulous reaction. It should be noted that this Christmas special will be Capaldi’s farewell to the iconic role of The Doctor, which makes the preview all the more endearing when considering he is giving his younger self many tidbits of advice for what is in his future.

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The two Doctors’ interaction is what you’d expect from two older, stubborn, grouchy men: one claiming to not know what is going on while the other is refusing to outright say what is happening. In the background, the poor captain is very confused, looking for clues, and asking for a simple explanation. Twelve (Capaldi) raises a glowing hand to One (Bradley) to end the verbal fencing, but it backfires in a way – watch the video below to see how well telling your future self “I thought I’d be younger” turns out!

Doctor Who returns on Christmas day with “Twice Upon A Time”. Watch the preview below and let your heart strings tug over Twelve telling the Captain, “Spoilers!” 

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