Yesterday’s episode of Doctor Who was a rollercoaster ride. We were able to see some familiar faces in the return of the Judoon and a major character popping back up. It was also an episode that broke new ground with the introduction of our first black Doctor. We’re so excited!

In the episode “Fugitive of the Judoon,” The Doctor runs into Ruth Clayton played by Jo Martin. As the episode goes on, it’s revealed that she’s not just anyone. In fact, she’s The Doctor. Though neither of them recognizes the other. “You’re in my future, not the other way around,” Martin’s version says. “I’ve never been anything like you…trust me, I’d remember, especially that shirt,” the 13th Doctor replies.

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This begs the question just where she fits in regarding the timeline. Is she like John Hurt, a previously unmentioned version of the time-traveling alien? Or is she part of 13th’s future? It’s hard to know right now but hopefully as the series goes on, we’ll learn a bit more about her. We don’t know when she’ll reappear but hopefully this isn’t a one-shot to intrigue fans. We need her to come back!

I’m so happy that this series continues to be inclusive and push new ground. We finally have a female Doctor and in the same run we got a black female Doctor. I mean how awesome is that? Representation – it’s important. It meant a lot to some fans too. 

We’re so excited to see this new chapter unfold on this beloved sci-fi series. What do you think of the new Doctor? Where do you think she fits in? Let us know! Be sure to come back to Geek Girl Authority for more Doctor Who news.


Erin Lynch