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Scott Derrickson, the director for Marvel’s upcoming foray into the mystical and weird, Doctor Strange, tweeted out a possible tease that Doctor Strange will meet Death in the upcoming film, released next November and currently in pre-production. The tease was from the cover of a Doctor Strange comic featuring Doctor Strange falling into the mouth of Death featuring the tease, “Dr. Strange Meets Death.” Derrickson added to this saying, “As will we all…,” implying to us that he means we will all “meet Death” in the upcoming film.

That comic is Doctor Strange #4 (Vol.2) In it, Dr. Strange enters into the land of the dead through the Orb of Agamotto. Strange fights Death with the help of the cosmic entity called Eternity. The Ancient One then appears to him to say that he’s passed the final test to become Sorcerer Supreme and he will no longer age, that he can only die by being killed, more or less.

Mistress Death, by the by, can appear as a beautiful young woman or the skeletal reaper and is exactly what her name implies — the actual cosmic avatar of Death. She’s not so much a villain as she is a requisite force of nature — there is no malice or vengeance to her activities. But, seeing as nobody wants to die or enjoys death, her purpose often comes off as evil.


But, who cares if Doctor Strange meets Death. It’s just another character, right?

Wrong. So wrong.

The cosmic entity known as Death is the secret crush for Thanos, the Mad Titan. Yes. THAT Thanos.


Everything that Thanos does is born out of his desire to prove his love for Death, to prove himself worthy of her love. Strangely enough, his love continues to be unrequited. In fact, all throughout Jim Starlin’s Infinity Gauntlet series, she doesn’t even speak to him. Instead, various intermediaries do all of her talking for her.

So, if Derrickson is referencing THAT Death, it could be a very big deal indeed and could offer up some insight into what more we can expect from the upcoming Infinity War films.

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