“Just Wong? Like Adele?”

And that’s how Dr. Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) first meets Wong (Benedict Wong) in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


This featurette, an exclusive given to the good people at, features the main cast speaking about their roles and the roles of their fellow actors. The main take away — they all seem to really like each other and enjoy working with each other.

But, beyond that, we get some great new footage, especially the interplay between Doctor Strange and Wong. They’ve always had a great friendship in the comics, despite them starting off in the 60’s as a white man with an Asian servant. Their relationship has grown over the years to see Wong a good friend to Doctor Strange and his protector. Wong is never afraid to very dryly, and very sarcastically, put the Sorcerer Supreme in his place, so it’s good to see them starting that relationship here. Despite how powerful Doctor Strange may become, Wong is always there to take him down a peg.


“If a volume from this collection should be stolen, you’ll be dead before you ever left the compound.”

“Any late fees I should know about? Maiming perhaps?”

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