Doctor Strange is just a couple weeks away from hitting theatres and the publicity and promotion machine is in full effect.

Today’s addition comes to us courtesy of Movie Surfers, a little mini-show that airs on the Disney Channel. They interview Benedict Cumberbatch about his role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, who Doctor Strange and what he does, and then they turn their attention to the mystical artifacts that populate his world.

He first demonstrates the so-called “Sling Ring” that they use to magically transport around the world and, possibly, to other dimensions. But they then turn their attention to the other artifacts and they give us a brief glimpse at an ancient tome, the Eye of Agamotto and then, finally, Tina Minoru holding the Staff of One.



This is very likely a small cameo, but it’s still just cool to know that this is in the world.

Hurray humanity. We did it.

Now to see if this character and this exact Staff of One appears in the Runaways series being done by Hulu.

As for that ancient tome — we’re guessing it’s the Book of Cagliostro, a more or less forbidden book that holds within it the secrets to magically traveling through time. With all of the time travel talk surrounding this movie and the Eye of Agamotto, our guess is that Doctor Strange somehow deciphers for himself the magic within it.

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