The 13th Doctor continues to inspire fan controversy and conversation. The Doctor Who Facebook page posted a new picture of Jodie Whittaker as the Doctor with the caption, “New series. New Doctor. New look!” and the fans have weighed in. The response is… mixed, as was the announcement that the 13th Doctor would be a woman. C’est la fandom.  

Full disclosure, we at Geek Girl Authority support and are excited by a woman Doctor. In fact, we think it’s high time. And, this ‘new’ look, though some fans have called it ‘ridiculous’, is far less silly than a suit of rainbow colors like Colin Baker had, or a 12 foot scarf like Tom Baker had. Nor is it as literal as a question mark on the collar. Right? Lest we forget how some fans got up in arms about Matt Smith’s bowties! So, let’s all take a breath.

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Some fans have postulated that this is the Doctor’s first foray into a female persona, and therefore the transition is slow. Meaning, this is somewhere between the fully male and the fully female dress. We just think it’s a new look, like every Doctor gets.  

Let us all enjoy this new doctor and her new look. After all, the new look is very much a nod to the Colin Baker Doctor (colorful, though much more casual for modern times); complete with the classic wooden Tardis behind her!  

Whittaker will premiere as the 13th Doctor sometime in late 2018.

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