Sitting all day in the office or at home is an unhealthy habit. But if your work requires you to sit all day, then you have to find alternative ways to stay fit and healthy. Visiting the gym after work a couple of times in a week is highly recommended. One can also emulate healthy habits such as walking to work, trying a standing desk, and staying active whenever possible. If you are interested in doing workouts as your way of staying fit and healthy, we have the best advice for you. Here is a list of the best exercises that you can try.

Body Workouts

If you sit for many hours at work, it is easy to engage in various body workouts at home before you leave or after work. Most of them are doable whether you live in a studio apartment or a large one. Let us focus on those exercises that can be done anywhere.

  • Stretching – muscles can get stiff if you sit all day. Stretching them improves relaxation and physical fitness. Basic stretching is not all that hard, and any person can do it at any time. Make sure that all areas of the body are stretched. Yoga is an even better way of stretching while meditating to reduce stress and eliminate stiffness.
  • Planks – these keep the arms, chest, and core very healthy. The spine is also aligned accordingly when you engage in this workout at home before going to work.
  • Squats – this is an all-time best exercise for healthy hips, thighs, and legs. Even on Muscles Fax website, these workouts are highly recommended for bodybuilders. You too can greatly benefit from the workouts if you sit all day at work.

Going to the Gym

If you have time, you can enroll in a gym or fitness center. Most people attend such fitness sessions after work a few times a week. Better still, you can have a home gym, where you can exercise at your convenience.

Gym equipment such as weights, kettlebells, row machines, presses, extension bars, and treadmills promote fitness for all people. When using a home gym, you should develop a flexible and interesting workout plan. Repeat the cycle only after a week to avoid monotony.

Jogging, Running, and Walking

The beauty of these workouts is that they promote physical and mental health. Thus, your workday remains very active. You also keep illnesses at bay. Create time to run in the morning before work for a fruitful day ahead. If this is not possible, walk or bicycle to work. Some people park a few blocks away from their offices and also get into the habit of taking the staircase instead of the elevator.


There are many exercises that you can do if you sit in the office all day. If possible, you can buy an under-desk elliptical trainer to use while working. But as you do all this, remember that your diet also goes hand in hand with exercise for a fit and healthy body.