We all need some joy in our lives especially in today’s atmosphere.  Enter Dallen Johnston, a 15-year-old high school drummer from Gilbert, Arizona who got the internet behind him with a video showing him really feeling all the emotions while performing at a football game. 

Jimmy Kimmel Live took notice and booked Dallen on the show. The teenager appeared on the show clad in his band uniform and got to sit in with Kimmel’s band Cleto and Cletones. Kimmel asks him, “Are you aware of the fact that you’re the only good thing in America right now?” to which Dallen smartly replies, “I think your show’s pretty good, too.”

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We’ve included three videos below. Dallen Johnston’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the original post that got Dallen all the attention and a story that a local news station did on him. In the NBC 12 News story, Dallen says his life has always been full of music and expression and how he’s always had a knack for putting smiles on people’s faces. Well, thank you Dallen for being so passionate! It’s contagious! 

Enjoy you bite-sized piece of joy today!




Audrey Kearns