The Windows 10 license is quite expensive, but it offers the possibility to legally use one of the most popular operating systems. A legitimate Windows key gives you plenty of options to activate your system. However, not everyone can afford it. What about the cheap Windows 10 key offers you can see online?

Legal Windows 10 key

If you are looking for a cheaper way of getting the Windows 10 license key, you will surely come across many different ads online sooner or later. According to some of them, you can buy a cheap Windows 10 key for only a few dollars, for example from eBay. Others will offer you higher prices although still cheaper than the one proposed by Microsoft. Each of those sellers will assure you about the legality and authenticity of the key they are offering you, and the possibility of activating the system and updating it. If no matter of those assurances you are still being suspicious, good for you. There are many reasons why it is exactly what you should be.

Let’s see what’s for sure: if you want to buy a new Windows 10 key and be absolutely sure about its legality and authenticity, buy it from the Microsoft Store. Or from an official partner. This will allow you to activate it without any problems, and make sure that no one else is using the same key. The only correct source for purchasing a Windows 10 license is Microsoft and its authorized partners. That’s right, such a license is not cheap, but it will actually stay with you for years to come. With the current development of Windows, you may be able to use the same license for the rest of your life by just updating your system. Now, we understand very well, that even though this is the best option when it comes to getting the highest quality service and product, not everyone can afford it, or they can’t afford it just yet, meanwhile, they obviously need the OS to be able to use their PC. And those people will naturally look for ways to get the key cheaper and for free, but still preferably legal. Is that possible? Do those keys actually work?

Cheap Windows 10 keys

It is uncertain where the cheap Windows 10 license keys really come from, who used them before they went up for sale, and also how many people have them at the moment. Because yes, they are sometimes being sold to more than one person at once.

It is true that the keys obtained in this way may be of legal and genuine origin. It’s also true that you will be able to activate Windows with their help. However, it is uncertain how long such a system will last. Will the police reach out to you one day, informing you that the company or a person from which you bought the license has been caught, and since you were their client, you automatically participate in the procedure. We admit that’s a bit of a dramatic scenario, but the thing is, it’s not impossible to happen.

Microsoft doesn’t really give a clear answer when it comes for example the legality of a used key being resold. However, we know that verification of the legality of the key does not take place at the stage of its purchase. Only after activating the license key on the device, Microsoft is able to check on how many devices such a key was activated. That gives them the basis for initiating activities aimed at establishing who sold the key, who uses it now, and also on how many devices the same key has been activated.

Cheap offers keep appearing, even though they come with some risks

Since a cheap Windows 10 key, even if legal, isn’t as safe to use as software purchased at an authorized point, why are there no less online offers? It is a hard to answer the question, as it is strongly entangled, obviously, on money and pretty unclear key control mechanisms. Many companies use the ruling of the EU’s Court of Justice, which indicates that the sale of used licenses is possible. It is possible, as long as we remove these licenses and software from the original device on which it was used. So, basically, if I own a book and I want to sell it, I can’t just copy it and sell that copy of it. There is only one, legally bought book, and only that one book can be legally resold, without creating additional copies, as that would mean making money on work done by someone else, so to put it simply, stealing.

All Windows 10 keys purchased other than by a partner authorized to sell them, are not new keys. It’s still probably a legitimate Windows key, but second hand, “recovered” and now resold. And in theory, there would be nothing extraordinary about it, if not for what was already mentioned – we still do not know anything about the origin of these license keys. We cannot be sure that the key will not be blocked by Microsoft after a while. However, what’s important, is that this does not mean these keys are not legal or original. But no one can also say with 100% assurance, that they are legal. So take from it what you want. It’s still a grey area and you should remember that ignorance does not absolve you from responsibility. It is in your interest to make sure that you are purchasing legal software with the keys and licenses necessary to use it.