Dungeons and Dragons has been one of our favorite escapes during the COVID-19 pandemic. Wizards of the Coast has worked hard to help bring free content to players every week. However one worry was, what would happen with the live show event DnD Live: 2020: Roll With Advantage? Thankfully they announced today that the event will still happen in a virtual form. They have also partnered with Red Nose Day to help raise money for children affected by the outbreak.

The event will preview the upcoming content through different games. Players will be joining fans in the virtual platform by playing their games from the safety of their homes. The event will be hosted by Anna Prosser and span over three days and five games. The special Red Nose Day game will feature game designer Chris Perkins guiding Felicia Day, Brent Gelman, Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, David Harbour, Brandon Routh, and Martin Starr.

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Other guests returning to this year’s live show will include Deborah Ann Woll, Matthew Lillard, Janina Gavinkar, and many more. There will also be an entire game featuring players from the WWE on the final day before the event comes to a close. All event proceeds will be donated to Red Nose Day.

DnD Live 2020: Roll With Advantage will air June 18-20, 2020. More information, participants, and the schedule of events check out the official website.




Julia Roth
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