A lot of us find it easier to buy ready-made, ready-to-go products out of comfort, but also love to work with our hands. The same goes for things that need to be fixed around the household — we’d rather call someone up than take on the task ourselves. However, some of us are hard core Do It Yourself (DIY) people.

The concept of Do-It-Yourself is as versatile as you want it to be. To some, it might be their way of gaining more control over their lives; others might be attracted to the money saving aspect of it. It varies uniquely with each individual, which isn’t that surprising given how different each one of us is. 

If you’re a long time DIYer or want to try your hand at making something for the first time, we’ve created a list of ideas for DIY projects that are both fun and useful.

Homemade TV Antenna

Televisions are probably one of the most loved household devices in your home. There are several reasons that may encourage you to build your own antenna, aside from love. The most probable reason is having a bad signal, which can be a dilemma. Luckily, a TV antenna can be easily home-built, sending and receiving the appropriate signals to get a nice, crisp, clear picture. This seems like an ingenious revelation and a brilliant way to cut expenses. There are countless ways to go about this, all of which can be assembled from everyday household things and is elaborately explained in this guide to making a TV antenna from a satellite dish. It doesn’t matter how much money you can spare for this project.

Lego Key/Pencil Holder

You’ll only need some Legos and a little creativity for this ingenious project. You can imagine just how simple it would be to build it, given that all you need is enough Legos, which we mastered building with since we were children, not that us true Lego-ers ever stopped. Create the shape and size, and color, you want to build your holder. Now there’s a pretty cool spot for you to put your keys, pencils, spare change in now. You may also design a unique setting that suits your favorite fictional characters like Star Wars. You basically have all the room you need to go nuts.

Image Source: Pexels

Homemade Rubik’s Cube

Rubik cubes are probably one of the most iconic toys we all recognize. Building it can be somewhat tricky, though. You will need black, red, green, orange, blue, white, and yellow pieces of paper. Secondly, an adhesive or a double-sided tape, a marker, a measure, a pocket knife, and scissors.  All of these can be located in any store or in any craft shop for less than five bucks. Look up some how-to guides and spend the afternoon making your own Rubik’s cube. And if you’re anything like us, spend several days trying to solve it.

Superhero Stand Lamp

There are countless sleek lamps you can find almost everywhere, but finishing creating this lamp will grant you more gratification than buying one. It will fill your house with light in a geeky and retro look. Either from a discount store or big wholesalers, you can find really cheap lamps, which will be the building block of the project. You’ll also need some paint, a graphic novel for inspiration, and a strong glue gun. The beauty of it is that it can come in any color and produce any tint of light you prefer. This is the way to illuminate the house in an inexpensive and geeky, fun way.

Decorative Sword from Lord of the Rings

We all remember the iconic sword “Sting” from the Lord of The Rings. While this might be the hardest project on the list, it is by far the geekiest, funniest, and arguably the coolest pick, too. You’ll have to have a foam sheet, sticker drawn template, cutter, utility knife, high quality roll of tape, markers, and red, brown, and black paint. Break off the pattern’s first two frames. Simply unwrap the sticker and position it appropriately. Carve out the desired shape with the knife or cutter. Should you tear it completely inadvertently, fret not, it will still function, it will just be a little harder to put the sword back together.

If you’re new to DIY you may think you have to do it all alone. After all, that’s the whole point of the ‘Y’ in DIY. However, It doesn’t mean that you aren’t allowed to seek assistance through self-help sources.  Sources like a YouTube video, a guide, or article; it always helps you in following the instructions or getting the right idea. Create, decorate, play, but most importantly enjoy the process of DIY.