Much to the chagrin of Harrison Ford’s hips, Indiana Jones 5 has been pushed back another year.

Originally slated to come out July 19th, 2019, Disney announced today that the latest installment of the Indiana Jones Franchise will come out July 10th, 2020.

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Steven Spielberg will be back to direct as well as John Williams to compose the fifth installation. No reason has been given as to why it’s been pushed back by an entire year. We do know that Harrison Ford is pushing 78 and I only bring that up because Indy is usually very active and Ford’s age plus what his body has gone through, as far as accidents in that past few years, means that he’ll need a little more TLC, in my opinion. Let’s just get a PT on that set, that’s all I’m saying. Maybe a masseuse and some glucosamine. Any way you look at it and by “it” I mean “him,”  Harrison Ford has still got it.

One reason for the delay might be that Spielberg is super busy with several projects in the works, including Ready Player One and perhaps they just want to take extra care with the story, because I mean…Crystal Skull, am I right?

I’m a fan of the movies, even the one’s that aren’t that great. Controversial moment here, Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom is my favorite movie and I didn’t hate Crystal Skull. Some issues, sure, but I didn’t hate it. Come at me!

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