We here at Geek Girl Authority went crazy during this year’s D23, when it was announced that Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk and Moon Knight were getting their own series. 

Disney+ launches their network next week and yesterday, we found out who our fearless leaders will be on She-Hulk and Moon KnightJessica Gao will be developing and writing She-Hulk. Gao won an Emmy for the much lauded ‘Pickle Rick’ episode for Rick and Morty. She couldn’t contain her much-earned excitement about the news on twitter saying, “I’ve been chasing She-Hulk for SO long. This is the definition of a dream come true.” This give some clues that Disney+/Marvel may be looking for a sharp, quick witted tone for the show and we are totally down for that. 

Jeremy Slater, who developed The Umbrella Academy, will be developing and writing Moon Knight. Same thing rings true here about the tone. 

Disney+ premieres this week with The Mandalorian. The soonest we can expect She-Hulk and Moon Knight is most likely in 2022.