There’s a movie coming to Netflix that I am impatiently awaiting.  Won’t you join me?  The Discovery is set in a world where a doctor (Robert Redford) discovers irrefutable proof of life after death, and society collapses under the weight of the knowledge.

I am fascinated and terrified by this concept.  What is a world when so few want to stay in it, and people just keep offing themselves to get to the next one?  Can you love anybody?  Can you live your life fully?  Aaaaaggghhhhh!  I want to see this film!

Netflix released a haunting, beautiful teaser for The Discovery last month.  This full length Trailer gives us some more information about the world, and a whole lot more questions.  The trailer focuses more on Redford’s character and the consequences he faces for revealing the afterlife to the world.  Jason Segel plays Redford’s son, finding his way through loving someone (Rooney Mara) in these uncertain circumstances.

The film also features Jesse Plemons and Mary Steenburgen.

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I can’t wait for the March 31st premiere.  If I didn’t have to wait to see it, I would take matters into my own hands.

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