A general attitude to online gambling varies. Leaving the morality of gambling aside, we can say that some people view casinos in a positive light, whereas others emphasize only its pernicious effect on people’s lives. The first group maintains that online games help reduce stress, alleviate depression, improve the ability to multitask, and hone decision-making skills. Detractors connect gambling to obesity, addiction, deepened depression, and aggressive behavior. The truth of the matter is that gambling can have positive and negative consequences, depending on an individual case, and people just need to become aware of the two sides of the argument before they start wagering.

There are other points to which people need to pay attention before giving online gambling a try. They need to understand the capabilities and safety features of their gaming devices, identify the type of the game they are going to play, and learn about various tips and tricks that would help them win at online gaming. What is even more important than to know how to wager profitably is distinguish between various bonuses that online casinos offer to their customers. Bonuses are not just a pleasant trifle that will occasionally boost your mood while you are playing. They are directly connected to the money that you will earn by the end of the game and, therefore, should be considered seriously. In what follows, we are explaining what bonuses you will receive from online casino operators and how they differ.

Welcome Bonus

As its name suggests, the welcome bonus is offered when newcomers register or sign up for the first time with an online casino. Before players receive this bonus, they need to deposit a specified amount. The majority of virtual casinos give 100 percent or 200 percent of the welcome bonus on players’ first deposit, but some online casinos are more generous. In Finland, such online casino, or “netticasino” in Finnish, as King Billy allows customers to get a doubled first deposit up to €500. Sons of Slots dishes out up to €400 on users’ first deposit. What people also need to remember before receiving their welcome bonus is that it can be used for different types of online games: table games or slot machine games, for example. It is worth checking this information carefully before accepting the bonus. 

Free Spins

Newcomers are often offered free spins as encouragement to start playing. Different casino operators refer to this bonus differently, alternatively calling it as bonus spins, welcome spins, cash spins, or wager-free spins. Whatever it is called, this bonus means that a player can spin free of charge a number of times set by the casino provider. In Finland, NextCasino presents gamblers with 100 free spins, and so does Karamba. Yet there is a caveat: some free spins may have wagering requirements. This means that customers might need to play the bonus a few times before withdrawing their money. Gamblers need to verify, therefore, that the spins they are given are free indeed.

No Deposit Bonus

As should be clear from its name, the no deposit bonus does not require gamblers to make any deposit. This type of the bonus is offered after newcomers have registered on the gaming website. With this bonus, gamblers can wager for free, yet they cannot withdraw this money. If people win money with the help of the no deposit bonus, they are usually asked to meet some wagering requirements before withdrawing their winnings. As a rule, these wagering requirement for online casinos are higher than for land-based casinos. There is also a short time limit to play with the no deposit bonus, ranging from one hour to one day, at the longest.

In Finland, Veikkaus, the Finnish national betting agency, offers several types of no deposit bonuses: cash no deposit bonuses, free spins no deposit bonuses, and no deposit no wagering requirement bonus. The last type of no deposit bonus is unique and is not found in every country. Such offers are difficult to come by, because they are expensive for smaller operators than Veikkaus. But even Veikkaus lists this bonus as Exclusive, because the company can offer it only in limited amounts and only within promotional periods. Among the Finish gambling websites that give this Exclusive offer are Vegas, OldHavana, SlotsPlus, and CasinoExtreme.

Monthly Deposit Bonus

Players that remain loyal to their chosen online gambling provider and play regularly may claim a monthly deposit bonus. This type of the bonus is also known as a reload bonus. It is given to players on their monthly reloads. The monthly deposit is a match bonus, which means that is given away as a certain percentage of gamblers’ deposit amount. Before accepting the monthly deposit bonus, players should acquaint themselves with its terms and conditions along with its wagering conditions.

There are some more bonuses Finnish players can find on legalized gambling websites in Finland. Some of them are more generous than others. What, however, they always need to do before accepting any of them is to check its terms and conditions lest it proves to be less profitable than it looks at first blush.