It’s the most wonderful time of the year! It’s a time to bestow gifts upon our loved ones and celebrate love in all its forms. If you’ve got a rebellious poet in your life who adores Dickinson, then this gift guide is for you. Whether they love the poet herself, the show’s cheeky writing or EmiSue, you’ll find that perfect present with which to surprise them. Read on, friends!

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For EmiSue fans

EmiSue Dickinson pin on Etsy

Let’s face it: Dickinson‘s EmiSue, collectively, is “couple goals.” Despite obstacles presented by society’s pervasive homophobia and rampant misogyny coupled with the time, Emily and Sue’s love overcomes. Give your poet this gorgeous enamel pin from Etsy, so they can proudly display their adoration for EmiSue. There’s also this cute sticker featuring Emily and Sue dressed as men.

Or, if they’re an avid reader, consider a bookmark. What about this delightful EmiSue t-shirt on Redbubble depicting that moment with the grapes, complete with this: “When I’m with you, it is the only time I feel alive.” You cannot put a Fire out, indeed. 

For fans of Emily Dickinson’s poetry 

Emily Dickinson poetry collection on Etsy

If there’s one thing Dickinson accomplished during its run, besides creating boundary-breaking television, it’s ignite young folks’ interest in poetry. Gift your poet with this collection of Emily Dickinson‘s poetry. Not only does it contain her poignant prose, but beautiful illustrations accompany them. 

What about this hoodie showcasing the legendary opening line to Dickinson’s most famous poem: “Because I could not stop for Death.” Or this mug on Etsy with “Bring me the sunset in a cup” written on it?

Here’s a simple t-shirt with “Forever — is composed of Nows –” on it in elegant writing. 

For art lovers 

EmiSue Dickinson artwork on Etsy

Who doesn’t love quality Dickinson artwork? Take the above piece illustrating a passionate EmiSue kiss, for example. Here’s another breathtaking watercolor of Emily with the Dickinson logo, surrounded by Easer eggs from the series. EmiSue takes center stage in this print boasting lines from Dickinson’s poetry, printed on gloss card stock. 

This unique gift is a “writer’s block,” a handmade wooden block sporting Dickinson’s portrait, her signature and some of her prose. 

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And, for when your poet needs a boost of confidence, present them with this “Big Dickinson Energy” sticker because, let’s face it, Emily has enormous Dickinson energy. 

What’s on your holiday gift list for this year? Sound off in the comments below!

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