Leonardo DiCaprio will produce and star in a film adaptation of Walter Isaacson‘s book, Leonardo Da Vinci, about the famous artist and scientist.  If you’re a fan of reading biographies and historical non-fiction, like I am… and watching those stories, this is very good news.

Isaacson is no stranger to film and TV adaptations.  He wrote Steve Jobs which was adapted for film and directed by Danny Boyle, and wrote a best-seller about Albert Einstein that was recently adapted for TV by NatGeo, called Genius.  If you haven’t seen Genius, watch it now. 

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Leonardo DiCaprio is said to have gotten his name because his mother was admiring a painting by Leonardo Da Vinci when he kicked her in-utero for the first time.  So, you might say he was born to play this role.  

Paramount is making the movie, after a big time bidding war, as reported by Deadline.  Leo may also star in another film adaptation of one of my favorite books of all time, The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson.  It would bring DiCaprio and Martin Scorcese back together, as the director is also involved in that project.  Read. That. Book. If you haven’t. 

Isaacson’s book, Leonardo Da Vinci will hit the shelves in October.  The as yet untitled Leonardo Da Vinci movie has not announced any dates.  We’ll keep you in the loop about all of the important historical developments in the future. 

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