The Diablo 20th Anniversary patch, The Darkening of Tristram, is now live.  While no release date was ever given, Blizzard stayed true to its promise for the event to launch shortly after the new year.

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The month long celebration is rolling out to all Blizzard properties, but The Darkening of Tristram brings some of the original game to its successor.  Relive the grainy, gritty, old school graphics and sounds as you attempt to take down the 4 original bosses and 16 levels.  Of course that’s not the only thing you can enjoy.  New cosmetic items including a cow pet are yours for the taking.

There’s no tried and true way to find the original labyrinth.  Just go on about your normal wanderings and, out of nowhere, cultists all spawn.  This will then lead to a series of events that teleport you right back into the original game.  You’ll have your Diablo 3 character, but go into the Diablo 1 game.  Watch the video below for some reminiscing and some valuable hints from the Diablo dev team.

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