Author: Mario Petkovski

Even though this game is over one year old, it can still give you that futuristic feel and interesting plot. Since it will be available for free on PlayStation Plus, we thought to revisit it. Though, it was not the first choice that Sony had in mind. Earlier they announced that the popular sports game Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 will be free in July, but they apparently changed their minds and swapped it with Detroit: Become Human. This is not necessarily a bad thing since this game is pretty interesting to play.

It is developed by Quantic Dream and they are known for producing interactive games filled with drama in their plots, in which storytelling is in the first place. David Cage is responsible for directing as well as the writing in this game and it seems like he may have gone over the top with the overwrought dialogue, stilted writing, and twisted plots that sometimes can be hard to understand. Obviously, he tried to create an emotional bond that users would feel playing this game.

This game is developed in a way that reminds us of movies like The Matrix, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, as well as Blade Runner. It seems like they borrowed themes from everywhere in order to create that futuristic feel. Detroit also includes real-world events and comparisons with Androids and the real tragedies like slavery and the Holocaust.

As we said, this is a futuristic game and the story takes place in 2038, where there are androids in our everyday life created for handling jobs like childcare, construction, delivery and much more. With the complicated storytelling, this game is a thriller that runs back and forwards to characters giving you that multi-perspective feel.

They seem to be on separate paths that lead in the same place. Kara is one of the androids that you will play as a housekeeper, that is owned by a single father with a drug problem and rage issues. Connor is the second character, representing a more active android whose job is to hunt deviants, which are malfunctioning androids. Finally, we got Markus, who is owned by a famous painter that treats him like a son, despite the fact that he is a machine.

This game is perfect for experiencing the game world from a different perspective and does an incredible job of putting you in different mindset with every character. It is by far the best-designed game from the French studios of Quantic Dream, and it feels like they grabbed ideas from everywhere and put them in one place that is perfectly balanced.

They managed to come up with problems that androids will bring in the future. In some easter eggs throughout the game, we can read a magazine called All Sports, which comes up with the issue of Androids being able to replace athletes, to become baseball expert picks or NBA draftees.

The only problem with this game is that they tried to go over the edge with all the game situations that might resemble the real-world problems. For instance, androids must stand at the back of public buses, people try to sneak androids across the border to liberation in Canada, forcing androids into concentration camps and huddled masses are executed.

This might put you in an uncomfortable state of mind, thinking about the future and what it represents in the game. Unfortunately, for a gaming studio that puts up games with high moral debates, Quantic Dream seem to have quite some skeletons in their closet, as some of their staff have been accused of sexism and homophobia.

Moving on, the gameplay is similar to Heavy Rain, another title from Quantic Dream, that is also included in the downloadable PS Plus pack. For example, you’ll investigate crime scenes and search for clues, get into the gunfights and solve puzzles. It is a third-person adventure, and the interesting part is that you can direct your own game with your actions and decisions. Detroit is designed in a way to keep you busy will all the things happening around you. Some actions must be done within a strict time limit, which is forcing you to come up with a solution.

The visuals are beautiful, rendered to the quality of a huge blockbuster video game. They clearly put a lot of effort into designing all the graphics for Detroit, with big attention to detail. All the characters feel real and the cinematics are also great. However, it seems like all this is going to waste just because it is tied to a story, so the end is not understandable and feels meaningless.

In conclusion, Detroit: Become Human is a great game that will keep you on the edge at all times. The story might be pushed too much with the never-ending conversations, but it all can be skipped and get straight back to the problem-solving gameplay. With the great visual design, interactive gameplay and multi-perspective storytelling you should definitely get this game for free if you are a PlayStation Plus member, you will definitely not regret your decision.