With the brand new Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer, we have a bit to unpack. While most of us are hoping that the film will be at least good, we don’t have a firm idea of how it will be overall. That being said, we got to see more plot details and more glimpses at what’s to come. And it doesn’t look too bad! Let’s get into some of the possible things missed and a bit of a breakdown for the upcoming Star Wars anthology film.

Team Trooper

Range Trooper being blasted – Solo: A Star Wars Story – Lucasfilm/Disney

There’s an unofficial tradition in Star Wars films that they would introduce a new variant on Stormtroopers. In the Solo trailer, we get to see two out of the three they’ve introduced in this film. The one we get the best shot of is a Range Trooper. They seem to be an alternate to the Snow Troopers we seen in both Empire Strikes Back and The Force Awakens. The question is what they do exactly? Outside of stopping a train heist by Han and his crew. 
Another one that is seen briefly is the Mud Trooper. Their appearance in the trailer shows them running around foggy, very covered-in-brown planet which we believe is Mimban or very possibly Kessel. Chewie takes one of them and slams them into the ground. They seem to have filtration pipes on their helmet, more likely to get all the dust and dirt out of their lungs while working on the planet. We get a better look at their design through toys, shown on StarWars.com 
And speaking of that – there is one trooper not shown in this but is worth mentioning. An Imperial Patrol Trooper, whom we’ve seen chasing after Han in a previous trailer. They seem to be closely similar to a Scout Trooper on Endor’s Moon, only with black markings. You can also check them out on the StarWars.com toy page.

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A Gang Intervention

Dryden Voss – Solo: A Star Wars Story – Lucasfilm/Disney

Now in the earlier trailers, we had seen those imposing masked figures facing down Han and I assumed the leader was the main bad guy. I was completely wrong it seems! Enter Dryden Voss, played by Paul Bettany. (This was the role Michael K. Williams was in but due to reshoots, it had to be recast.) He’s a “big shot gangster” that actually gives the crew one of their big jobs. The kind of job that drags you in deep to the smuggling world, making you a smuggler forever. It’s currently unclear which job he gives them, but I assume Han meets Chewie before so it may not be the Kessel run. That being said, while he gives them the job, I’m determined that he will be the main baddie in it. His small, razor-like weapons give me a feeling that Han will get his (Harrison Ford) scar from them. And if he’s a gangster with a lot to prove, he’s even more dangerous. I mean check out those facial scars and temper tantrum he has!

Speaking of the masked figure, we learned his name is Enfys Nest and his croonies are the Cloud-Rider gang. If they’re connected to Dryden Voss, it’s unclear. But we do know from other material that he will face off against Han at least twice. Once on the train of Vandor (which we see Chewie hanging off of in the trailer) and once on a sand planet, staring him down. Now I have a crazy theory about this. In the trailer, we hear Qi’Ra ask what Han’s up to and when she asks if it’s for revenge, he’s staring down Enfys Nest. It’s possible that Nest killed someone Han’s close to. Whether it’s his parents, his mentor Tobias Beckett or even Qi’Ra, it’s unclear. (My money is on Beckett) But I definitely think Han is looking for his blood for that. I also have an idea that the Cloud-Rider gang work for Dryden Voss as his sort of guard. I could be completely wrong on this, however!

A Blaster Origin?

Beckett and the Blaster – Solo: A Star Wars Story – Lucasfilm/Disney

By a campfire, Han, Beckett and Val are talking shop and cleaning weapons. Beckett appears to kiss what is Han’s most famous blaster and toss it to him. While in the same scene, Han says he’s waited for a “long time for a shot like this”. The way it’s edited makes that potentially an unrelated scene but I digress. It appears that Beckett gives him the chance to prove himself while gifting to him the blaster he has for his entire life. A large gift for someone like Han.

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Gambling It All

A dangerous game – Solo: A Star Wars Story – Lucasfilm/Disney

Now while this is pretty on the nose, but Han will be gambling quite a bit. We can see that he’s gambling in sabacc and will more than likely win the Millennium Falcon from Lando Calrissian during it. But not only that, he’s gambling on his fate, he’s gambling on his friends. Beckett reminds him to “assume everyone will betray you”. And they more than likely will betray Han and he will betray them, too. It’s a gamble to successfully smuggle. I think you get the idea! 

Buckle Up, Baby

Smooth talkin’ Lando – Solo: A Star Wars Story – Lucasfilm/Disney

I’m going to say it now, Donald Glover will be the best thing about the film. He’s super slick and great at making Lando have an air of mystery and danger. Qi’Ra calls him “the best smuggler around” and they go to a seedy casino/cantina to meet him. Han sits to gamble but also asks him if a story about him is true. Lando reassures him that everything he’s heard about him was true. Mysterious and dangerous, indeed! It’s in this casino/cantina we also meet Lando’s companion, L3-37 whom he calls L3. They’re currently grabbing a “mean man”‘s face when we meet L3 and they seem really combative – I like it! They also seem to have a penchant for adventure, yelling about how they’re so happy that they took the “job”. I just can’t wait to see what else Glover does.

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Punch It!

Goodbye for now – Solo: A Star Wars Story – Lucasfilm/Disney

To finish up some things we liked/saw in the trailer – we got a lot of Chewbacca! For one, we see him accompanying Han on a lot of his missions, even in scenes he wasn’t apart of in previous trailers. And while Chewie isn’t on board with most of Han’s ideas, he goes along with it more than likely due to a life debt. He’d be in a life debt should Han save his life (at least according to Legends material). We’re not sure when Han saves Chewie (from the spice mines) but we see him parting with his mate/wife Mallatobuck aka Malla, if her Legends name sticks, to go on adventures with Han. Chewie has had quite a life before he runs into our upcoming smuggler. We learned his age! While Han learns that Chewie has flown before, he also hears that he’s 190 years old. To which Han happily replies that he “looks great”! They seem to instantly have a connection that will grow into a very long friendship.


And that’s what we wanted to bring your attention to! What do you think of the trailer? What was something you picked up on? Let us know! Be sure to come back to Geek Girl Authority for more Star Wars fun. Solo: A Star Wars Story soars into theaters May 25th.



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