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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice news is just everywhere right now. It’s one of the biggest, most anticipated films of the year carrying a lot on its shoulders, from the hopes and dreams of DC fans to the hopes and dreams of a studio looking to finally get their comic book universe onto the silver screen.

Entertainment Weekly had a great spoiler-free, or spoiler-life, article come out and it had some great tidbits in there to get excited about, primarily for how we finally meet The Flash and just how bad ass Wonder Woman is.


First things first, the EW article describes Wonder Woman, who “for most of the movie we see her as alter-ego Diana Prince.”

They describe her as “a glamorous covert agent, working only for herself, who runs afoul of Bruce Wayne as they engage in rival missions to steal some of Luthor’s most disconcerting secrets. She’s not like a Bond girl – more like James Bond himself.”

Wonder Woman

Geoff Johns goes on to describe a moment with Wonder Woman in a fight that EW describes as “her climactic battle with Doomsday…”

Of that fight, Johns says, “I love her in the movie. I love when she’s hit by Doomsday and she turns around and smiles, like she hasn’t been in a fight like this in a long, long time,” he says. “She clearly… she missed it.”

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 9.01.06 AM
Who else feels that Warner Bros. has made a mistake not including that in any of the trailers?? That’s a fight! And it’s good to see that DC and Warner Bros. didn’t pull any punches with her, didn’t sort of softball Wonder Woman, but instead threw her into one of the biggest possible fights to see her shrugging off a punch from one of DC’s heaviest hitters!

And then there’s The Flash, who makes a brief cameo in the film.

But we also now know how he makes that cameo!

As EW says, “While trying to establish this new multi-hero reality, Batman v Superman also warps it a little to foreshadow some of the threats – and potential saviors – who could appear further down the line.”

This foreshadowing is done through visions and dreams that both Batman and Superman have. You’ve seen them in the trailers, where Batman overlooks a field with Darkseid’s Omega symbol emblazoned in it.


Or where Batman is fighting what appears to be Parademons from Apokolips?


Are they true visions of the future? Foreboding warnings of what actually happens or what could happen?

It’s in these sequences where we see The Flash, played by Ezra Miller. He appears “in one such nightmare of Bruce Wayne’s, delivering a cryptic message to the Dark Knight.”


Snyder refers to this as a “giant Easter egg,” and his hope is that it will “spawn plenty of online theories,” as he goes on to say, “We had such a straightforward narrative, on one hand, I wanted this other layer of the movie to be complicated and bizarre.”

DC Flash

So, from the outset, Dawn of Justice is playing with The Flash’s ability to run through all of time and space.

This by itself is enough to get our money.

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