If you are a gamer who has previously played Destiny or, in principle, are a player who likes to play worthwhile games, then this expansion you simply must see and play it, because, at the end of everything, you will understand that it was worth it.

Most of the users who have already had a chance to play it share their real emotions and talk about the fact that this game is simply impossible to refuse. Many players talk about how they could not share this pleasure for several days and spent many hours, refusing sleep because the game absorbed them so much that everything else was unimportant.


This expansion is the final link in this incredible game, which is loved by a huge number of gamers from different countries. What’s in store for those who haven’t played it yet is that you’ll be able to watch a new campaign for the characters, there will be new places that you can visit and experience something new there. Moreover, to the delight of many gamers, there will be a completely new principle of how to create equipment. Each character who starts the adventure here will have a huge number of tasks that will absorb them completely.

In addition to all the innovations, the central focus is on the game’s storyline, which, compared to other expansions, is second to none. In previous expansions, the story was of secondary importance and was needed to tell all players about the world they are in. Most advanced users who are not newbies report that they used to lose interest in what was going on. Their most important goal was to complete the game. Now everything has been turned upside down and going through all the stages will motivate you to find out what will happen next. 

Here everything is focused on the main character, after whom the expansion was named. You will have a chance to finally overcome her and cut off the air to all her atrocities. From the very beginning, she was someone who does everything for her gain and along the way, she destroyed all the obstacles that hindered her.

The main antagonist can be compared with the god of deceit, which is present in Scandinavian mythology. As the story progresses, she does things that no one expects of her. Any of her actions simply shocks everyone, because she is so unpredictable.

A unique detail that some players notice is that there is a huge emphasis on the humanity of the main characters. Despite their personal qualities, matters of religion, faith, and devotion are important to them.


Another thing that makes this game great is that players who like shooters will be able to take their breath away. According to many experts and gamers, at the moment this game offers the best opportunities to enjoy shooting.

Throughout the history of the game, the developers have constantly modified the game based on the wishes of the users who are regular players. At first, everything was not perfect, each new addition did not cause many positive emotions and responses from the players. However, at the moment, in this expansion, you can see everything that players have been dreaming of for a long time. This version contains all the main attributes of a decent shooter. Here you can enjoy all the advantages while shooting from the first person.

First of all, all attention was focused on the embodiment of the strongest aspects that are inherent in the company. The game is full of many exciting moments that players experience with all their hearts. Most users say that the money spent is worth it and that they would gladly play this game again. The complexity of missions and events pleases players with the fact that they begin to think strategically, and not mindlessly shoot at every enemy. If something does not work out, then everyone can buy the missing powerful weapon or the ability to quickly upgrade the character to the required level needed for the Witch Queen Destiny 2 event. What’s more, if an event is incredibly complex and you don’t know how to solve the problem, then you can rely on professionals to handle it for you. This is great for singles.

If you prefer to play with your friends, then any obstacles will seem like a trifle to you and together you will be able to find a way out of any situation and overcome any obstacles in the shortest possible time. Moreover, the game is built in such a way that only together you can determine at what pace to play and how to complete a particular mission. If you need a break, you can refresh your head, and then return.

The biggest motivation for players is that completing the hardest level missions results in players being rewarded with valuable items, weapons, armor, artifacts, and various upgrades they’ve dreamed of. This is what distinguishes this game from many others in which completing difficult missions does not bring anything useful.

New play area

Another new benefit that the game has received is the addition of a new play area that feels like a breath of fresh air. It is not like the ones that were previously in the game. This is a new amazing world that has something to offer to all gamers. In addition to the rich scenery and landscape, the new zone is filled with amazing events and puzzles that make you fully immerse yourself in the game.

Weapon crafting changes

Now the process of creating weapons will become even more exciting. You will have to try to create what you desire. The new system is also characterized by the fact that at the end of the creation process, a special plan will be available to you, which you can later use to quickly create new things and customize them.


This extension is truly worthy of your attention. The next 8-12 hours will be a discovery for you that you will like. A lot of new events await you ahead, an improved version of everything that so many players wanted so much. It will be difficult for beginners, but experienced players will appreciate all the new items and all the innovations at their true worth.


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