~Matt Key

Once more we’ve got Scott Derrickson, director of the up-coming Doctor Strange film, tweeting out a picture from the classic graphic novel, Doctor Strange: Into Shamballa, by J.M. DeMattEis with art from Dan Green. This is the second picture he’s posted from Into Shamballa, which could be an indication that they are taking some narrative cues from it.

In that book, Doctor Strange is visited by the Lords of Shamballa who offer him a way to save all of humanity if he completes three tasks. In completing them, he discovers that, in fact, the offer of the Lords of Shamballa requires Doctor Strange to eradicate all of humanity in order to start over. That is the salvation from Shamballa, giving Doctor Strange a tough choice to make.

Derrickson also quoted a line from Milton along with the tweet: “Long is the way, and hard, that out of hell leads up into the light…”

This along with his tweet not too long ago about Strange meeting Death and Kevin Feige saying that Doctor Strange will be visiting inter-dimensional realms, it’s easy to think that our Sorcerer Supreme will be getting himself into some dimension-hopping trouble.

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