Cleopatra is stepping closer to reality. According to THR, the film that has been looming in the background for years is closer to development. Why? Well that’s because director Denis Villeneuve is currently in talks to take the helm of the film. The Sony project has been trying to secure the project for years.

Villeneuve is currently riding high after successes like Sicario and Arrival as well as his latest film Blade Runner 2049 soon coming out. He’s taken Hollywood by storm with his attention-grabbing style so it’s no wonder he’s been approached for this. Cleopatra is larger than life in her legacy and films about her deserve that style, so Villeneuve is a great choice. The sword and sandals genre is trying to make another come back!

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The film is based on the novel Cleopatra: A Life by Stacy Schiff focusing on her being a powerful female figure and “shrewd negotiator” in her brief life. The script has already been penned by David Scarpa and producers are in place so the pieces are set. However, one thing that everyone on the project needs to be cautious of is white-washing. This is something that has finally been addressed with major out cries and some of Hollywood is listening. If Angelina Jolie is still attached, as she was back in 2014, they really need to be wary. However, we feel that Denis Villeneuve would be able to balance it well.

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