Defiance is coming back tonight with its 3rd Season premiere on Syfy. So let’s take a small moment and cheer – WooHoo!!!! I myself just did that on a plane. Patton Oswalt is two seats in front of me and seems unimpressed. I want to ask him for a S.H.I.E.L.D. lanyard so bad but that behavior falls into the stalkery/not cool category.

Back to Defiance! YAY! At the end of Season 2 New York was destroyed and Nolan and Irisa are frozen in some kind of alien egg thingie. The Tarrs about back as a power couple since Amanda decided not to shoot them in retaliation for killing her sister, Kenya. Pilar (Rafe’s former wife whom he told everyone was dead because she CUCKOO!) returns and kidnaps Christie so now it’s time for Rafe and the Tarrs to join forces and go after Christie and that tiny baby inside her.  (Yes, Hell Hath Indeed Frozen Over!) But seriously! We’re going to have a RAFE-STAHMA-DATAK Road Trip!

Season 3, Episode 1 ‘The World We Sieze’ takes place 7 months after the Kaziri wiped NYC off the planet. The E-Rep has left the city of Defiance and The Votanis Collective is moving in which essentially means nothing good will happen. Defiance is a shell of the city it once was and Nolan and Irisa wake up or unfreeeze or something – look they’re alive and back seven months later – so when they return to Defiance – everything will be different. And on top of everything a new race of aliens arrive – The Omec and let’s just say they are not very nice folks.

Can’t wait!

Here’s the official synopsis for Season 3 of Defiance and some trailers:

New villains, new aliens, new threats. When it comes to Defiance, home is where the danger is. 

Well that sure was short Syfy!

Here’s another teaser: YouTube isn’t allowing Embedding for this for some reason!

Defiance premiere Friday, June 12 at 8/7c on Syfy.

ALSO, premiering tonight is the original Syfy series, Dark Matterread about that here!

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