“It’s a great honor to devour your father’s whore.” ~Kindzi, best line ever. 

Episode 6 of Defiance, ‘The Beauty of Our Weapons’ was good. Man, Season 3 is killing it!

So this week was all about preparing for Rahm Takk’s attack. Oh yes, and sentencing Datak Tarr to death.

NUP_167370_0008.jpgDatak is unanimously sentenced to death by hanging. He asks for death by the traditional Casti ‘Shaming Rack’ and his wish is granted. Alak refuses to bring Luke to say good-bye but in the end, as Datak hangs from the rack, Alak grants his wish and he sees Luke. Then they go another scene, so wait, did they really just frakking kill Datak? Yes? No? Gah!!!

Conrad Von Bach, the arms dealer who sold guns to Takk gives Defiance weapons for free and tries to rekindle a romance with Berlin. She ends leaving Defiance with him and also leaving Defiance without her help.


Nolan rallies Defiance and recruits townspeople to fight. They begin training but some Votans won’t fight unless Irisa fights too because she is the “Goddess of the Badlands,” Nolan refuses them saying she is not capable and the Votans excuse themselves.

This leads to a couple great scenes. One where Nolan and Irisa talk about war and how scared they both are. They embrace which has been a long time coming. We then see Irisa getting all bad-assed up with her knives and guns. She goes to train with people of Defiance but completely falls apart. This leads to a great speech by Nolan where he tells the people he shouldn’t have brought his daughter, he made a mistake. He says the “strong defend the weak. It’s not fair but it is right. It’s our responsibility and it’s our privilege.” Then he yells out “DEFIANCE” and everybody repeats the rallying cry, “DEFIANCE! DEFIANCE!” and then I’m standing on top of the laundry I was folding on my bed, screaming “DEFIANCE!” which made my dog whimper. But, you get it, it was awesome.


Unfortunately, one of Takk’s men is an Indogene and take an injection. This makes him appear human and he and the VC tunnel underneath the Stasis Net and right into Defiance. Uh-oh. WAIT A MINUTE! Maybe that’s how Datak lives! The VC attacks while he’s on the Shaming Rack and he gets loose and redeems himself? Huzzah!

Stahma is hiding out with T’evgin and getting all kinds of shade from Kindzi. When daddy is out of the picture, she attacks Stahma. T’evgin comes in a puts a boot on Kindzi’s throat until she apologizes. Unfortunately, daddy steps out again and Kindzi forces some kind of nanotech down Stahma’s throat and Stahma’s consciousness ends up on the Omec ship in orbit overlooking the Earth.


Well, that’s interesting!


Next week, Defiance Episode 7, ‘My Name Is Datak Tarr and I Have Come to Kill You’on Syfy: As Defiance goes to war, the final fate of Datak Tarr is revealed.

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