Deathstroke has been in an interesting spot. Joe Manganiello had been cast as the deadly assassin back in the summer of 2016 for Ben Affleck‘s original script. But since Affleck’s step down and Matt Reeves taking over completely, his role is in limbo. Today on Twitter, he may have given us a sign on his role.

He retweeted an article talking about Affleck’s original script and how Deathstroke would be “laying traps” to “beat the crap out of Batman”. Manganiello didn’t give much of a response. He only posted a double sword emoji. This sent fans in a tizzy trying to guess what the response could possibly mean. As Deathstroke wields two swords, there was a number of possibilities. Would he be in the new script? Was he just excited at the original concept and giving his seal of approval? 

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To be rational, it’s probably the latter. Not to say that Deathstroke being involved in the psychological exploration of Batman is impossible. But Reeves hasn’t even or just very recently started the first draft of the script. He may not even know if Deathstroke is staying in the film! But let’s be irrational for a moment.

That idea could still pass over into the Reeves script. “Traps” set up in order to break men psychologically, things that could bring someone as strong as Batman to his knees…it could work. Now, I don’t quite see Deathstroke being able to play mind games quite as well as other characters in the Rogue’s Gallery. But he is one enemy that’s intelligent and can match him in fighting skill. We’ll have to see how it all plays out in the coming months.

What do you think of Manganiello’s response? Do you want Deathstroke to stay or do you just want the best script possible? Let us know! Be sure to come back to Geek Girl Authority for more The Batman news. The Batman is currently without a release date.

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