Greetings! And welcome back to another recap of the Shudder original, Deadwax! Where everyone’s favorite vinyl tracker is on a mission to hunt down an ultra rare record that kills anyone that listens to it. Except our main character doesn’t know that. Not yet at least. If you aren’t caught up I would suggest reading our recap of episode one. Or, you know, watch the thing yourself, lazybones. 

Here’s what we know so far: In the first episode we saw the killer record turn some guy into a crumb cake. No joke. That dude was dryer than a Popeye’s biscuit. On the case is crime scene handlers Len Perry (Evan Gamble) and Daryl Burnett (West Liang). The duo collects the body and collects evidence they deem relevant. Including our killer record. Are you shocked? Because I’m not.

Ever since Perry listened to some of the record he hasn’t been feeling well. Hearing voices and seeing shadow people will do that, I guess. After passing out in a pool of sad police station coffee, Perry returns to his office to find blood and human chunks splattered all over the place. Burnett’s blood and chunks to be exact. And that record? You know, the killer one? The one that was sealed away in an evidence bag? Was missing.

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Meanwhile, vinyl tracker Etta Pryce (Hannah Gross) catches wind of this ultra rare record and immediately begins looking for it. Why? Etta’s love of music is pretty insense, “If it can be heard then I gotta hear it”, as she says. She’s getting research help from her girlfriend and literal partner in crime, Lana (Tracy Perez) who wants to have a serious talk with Etta when she returns home. Looks like Etta has some commitment issues. That being said, I’m really rooting for them. 

Now let’s continue to the next episode simply called ‘Part Two’. Consider this your major spoiler warning.

Following the terrifying incident with Burnett, Perry is questioned by Detective Rhodes (Dohn Norwood) about what he knows. In the interrogation room Rhodes appears not to believe Perry’s side of the story, which is that he was unconscious and knows nothing. Perry then points out the station’s security cameras. “There cameras are everywhere, they had to have seen what happened.” Rhodes steps out of the room, where he is informed by another colleague that the record (you know the one) that Burnett logged into evidence was missing. Obviously, this is news to Perry. 

Meanwhile, Etta continues her search by visiting her mentor, audiophile repairman and beetle farmer, Ian Ullman (Ted Raimi).


Ullman asks about Lana, referring to her as “the old ball and chain”, which touches a nerve with Etta. They don’t stay on the topic long as Etta is on a mission. She wastes no time asking about the mysterious Lyle Litton. Ullman confesses that he only met the man once though he knew a lot about him. Etta asks why Litton pressed three of the same record. Ullman responses with a short lecture, which Etta is unamused by but seems to be used to.

Eventually he explains that the Key series was different because Litton was heavy into the “mumbo jumbo” side of it. No, not magic. “Science on the fringe. Audio on those recordings is encoded with a frequency outside the range of human hearing.” Which sounds pretty magical to me. Just saying. When asked if he has ever heard the Litton Lacquer, Ullman simply replies, “Anyone who’s heard it is dead or insane.” This doesn’t seem to bother Etta much as she proudly proclaims that she is going to find it.

Even when he tells the story of a radio DJ that went insane on air after listening to a bit of the record Etta is still determined. But she’s at a dead end online. So Ullman gives her a hand by giving her some of the Litton Matrix code on the Key Two record.

A quick check in on Perry shows that he is still being held by the police. Detective Rhodes is watching him carefully on the surveillance camera. He is interrupted when he is informed that the security footage, from the night Burnett turned into goo, was pretty scrambled. On top of that there is also something strange about it. Before we get to see what it is we go back to Etta. 


On the phone with Lana, Etta learns that someone entered the Litton Matrix code into the LAPD Evidence Database the previous night. Lana elaborates, explaining that something must have happened at the police station as there is an active investigation around said evidence logs. She also gets the name and address of our mummy man (aka crumb cake, aka where all the evidence came from). 

The next time we see Perry he is curled up in a ball in the corner of the interrogation room. With the lights off. Did he shut them off or was it some weird interrogation tactic? Either way when the screen goes black then suddenly shines on him freaked me out. Which is really saying something. The eerie music didn’t help. Anyway, Perry is sent home by Rhodes, who tells him to stay put at home and get some rest. We then see Rhodes watching the security footage again.

The footage shows pretty much the ending of the last episode. Sort of. We see Perry just about to pass out, Burnett logging evidence then a totally scrambled screen that is followed by an ear splitting scream. The footage stays scrambled for about 10 minutes, only restoring the picture as Perry gets up to discover Burnett. The kicker? Nothing too creepy. Just the fact the station’s cameras were not designed to record sound. So where did the scream come from? DEADWAX!

What we know so far/ Thoughts:
  • If Lana and her key chain collection get any sweeter I’m gonna get a cavity.
  • So far Rhodes is my favorite character. I can easily see him do some badass style investigating; I’m talking Dirty Harry badass.
  • Since Perry only listened to a little of the record, does that mean he’s gonna go crazy? Just the way the effects look leaves me the impression that he’s fading into another dimensions or something. 
  • I’m still not sorry Burnett is goo. I tried to like him, I really did, it just didn’t happen. Mummy man is more lovable than Burnett.

Wanna know what happens next? Too impatient for me to write the next episode’s recap? I don’t blame you. Do yourself a favor and binge all 8 episodes of Deadwax on a 7-day free trail via Shudder.

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Fallon Marie Gannon