Guten Tag! And welcome back to another recap of the  Shudder original series, Deadwax! Where loads of bad stuff happens to pretty decent people. Vinyl junkie Etta Pryce (Hannah Gross) is on the hunt for a super rare record that kills anyone that listens to it. The only catch is that she doesn’t know about the record’s kill count. But don’t you worry, she’s getting there slowly but surely. Meanwhile, our dear friend Len Perry (Evan Gamble) appears to be flickering in and out of reality. Literally.  That dude needs serious help.

If you aren’t caught up yet I must ask you why, then kindly suggest you read our friendly neighborhood  recap of part four. Upon doing  so you might realize part four wasn’t about Etta’s questionable life choices or why Detective Rhodes (Dohn Norwood) is doing a stalkerish stake out on Perry in the year 2018. Instead we totally rewind and visit a young man Ian Ullman (Ted Raimi) was referred to back in episode two named Tuck Weston. a.k.a. my future husband. 

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Here’s what we know so far: We travel back in time, to 1997 to be exact, on a day of mourning for KTLP radio 91.1 host Tuck Weston (Chester Rushing). Why? Because the radio station is making the big move to a CD- centric format. Which means no more records for fellow vinyl junkie Tuck. It’s such a blow that he even deems the day  “The night the compact disc fired a deafening blow across the bow of the great vinyl mothership, December 5th, 1997.” Tuck’s idea of going out with a bang is listening to some of the  greatest rare records still at his disposal. 

After a typical night of record spinning, record stealing and taking listener calls-which results in talking about the legend of everyone’s favorite murder record-Tuck is just about to leave the station when he gets yet another phone call. The caller informs him that if he wanted to hear that legendary Lytton lacquer the she could make it happen. In a very poor move, Tuck agrees to get in a random car to be taken to the home of the Lytton lacquer’s current owner, who is currently cosplaying as the The Invisible Man. Despite really wanting to hear what’s on the record, Tuck totally chickens out (only catching a little bit of the sound) and flees from the house. Even though he appeared to listen to less of the record than Perry, the effects seem to attack Tuck by tenfold. These symptoms carry on into Tuck’s next radio broadcast. It appears he is going mad. 

Now let’s continue to the next episode simply called ‘Part Five’. Consider this your major spoiler warning. 


We open the episode and see a cabin that looks a tad rundown. In the background we hear a pattern of sick guitar riffs that follows with screams, like someone is practicing, messing up and straight up screaming in frustration. We quickly leave this location to check in on Detective Rhodes continuing his stake out on Perry’s place. As soon as he sees Etta and Perry get in a car he sneaks up on them before they can even leave the driveway. Etta explains that they are on the way to the hospital because Perry is sick. Rhodes doesn’t seem convinced, despite Perry looking like the definition of a hot mess. Seeing that they’ve reached an impasse- Etta wanting to drive to the hospital, Rhodes wanting to call an ambulance- Rhodes settles on just following the duo in his own car to keep an eye on Perry.

Etta waits until Rhodes is in his own car to ask if the cop’s vehicle has a radio. Not a police radio but a radio radio. Perry makes an educated guess of “probably” before given the task of fetching Etta’s bag from the back. Oh! Maybe it’s funky gadget time?  It is! With a hand held machine that looks like a walkie talkie, they are able to mess with Rhode’s radio so that it distributes a sound so painful that Rhodes has to exit his car. This distracts the officer long enough for Etta and Perry to make a break for it down the street.  Talk about sonic warfare, man.

For a few minutes the two chit chat but Etta gets bored with this pretty quickly. She turns to the more serious topic of Perry listing to the record. Perry denies this at first then quickly crumbles at the question “What happened when you listened to it?” He hesitates only a minute before spilling the beans. “I had the headphones in my hand. I saw the meters were still bouncing. I was just curious. It was just for a second, it was just a second…” Perry then asks if ‘this guy’ will be able to help him. Etta explains that, seeing as he’s the only other one who’s listened to the record and lived, it’s worth a shot. But who is this mystery man? Could it be, the one and only Tuck Weston? Hopefully! 

Eventually the two end up at that aggressive cabin from the beginning of the episode. It only takes a little investigating for them to find an older Tuck Weston (now played by Kirk Bovill). At first he wants nothing to with these meddling kids or their talk of records. However, he has a change of heart when he sees Perry’s condition. The two men share a long look before Tuck allows them in his home. It looks as rundown from the inside as it is the outside, complete with broken records everywhere. As usual Etta wastes no time getting down to business. 

When asked about where the Lytton lacquer was Tuck goes on a rant about what makes a good record collection. Clearly he is still messed up from his own run in with the Lytton lacquer. My poor boy. “It was a split second. That’s all it took. And now, it’s like a partial corrupting influence, in me!” Tuck proceeds to break some more records, moving about in a way like he is gonna have a panic attack. He tells Etta and Perry that even if he had the Key Two record that it would be useless on its own. Because it’s a balance of three and Lily child won’t play them. Tuck then storms out of the room. So Etta decides that is the right time to make sure Tuck wasn’t lying about having the Key Two record.

Spoiler alert, he doesn’t have it. Things then escalate quickly when Tuck, using a shard of a broken record, cuts Etta’s arm then goes over to Perry. Hammer in hand, it looks like he’s going to strike but Etta quickly puts a stop to that with a tackle. Tuck makes a run for it with Etta, now holding the hammer, following right behind him. Meanwhile, Perry stumbles after them while doing the whole ‘flickering in and out of existence thing’. The whole chase ends with Tuck receiving a blow to the head by Perry. Dude! Okay, Tuck is down so one would think Perry would be cool it, right? Yeah…no. 

Perry proceeds to hit Tuck over the head with a rock, flinging blood everywhere and telling Tuck to shut up, although Tuck honestly wasn’t making that much noise. Dude!!! Etta stumbles onto the scene and Perry quickly tries to justify the murder by claiming self defense. Perry, my man, you are losing any and all sympathy right now. While examining Tuck’s very bloody body, Etta notices something off about a patch of rocks near the tree they are standing by. After a little digging they uncover what looks like a suitcase. Or maybe a trunk? We don’t get an answer right away as the screen fades to black. DEADWAX! 

What we know so far/ Thoughts:
    • Tuck!!! His run was way too short. Sure, he was a little nuts and he tried to kill Etta. That being said I think there were other steps that could’ve been taken before Perry bashed his head in.
    • I have an inkling Rhodes will be stopping by Tuck’s home very soon. While Etta and Perry did get away, they were only down the street when Rhodes realized what happened. Like he could still see them. If he just got back in the car he could very easily catch up with them. Just saying.
    • Okay, what kind of name is Lily child? 
    • What’s. In. The. Box?! 

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