If you’re anything like me, you were stoked to find out that there would indeed be a third season of the Netflix original series, Dead To Me. If you’re also anything like me, you yelled a very loud and drawn out “nooooooo” more dramatic than needed. Whether you’re reading it here first or you saw the announcement on social media Monday, allow the sadness to pour in as we all acknowledge that the end is near for our favorite dysfunctional bffs.

Let the betting begin for how the crazy stories of Jen (Christina Applegate) and Judy (Linda Cardellini) are going to end.

If you’re not caught up or haven’t started the series yet, you might not want to read this next part (get ready to ride the *SPOILERS* wave), starting with Judy. I would love to see her gain a little more control over her life by settling down with Michelle and figuring out what she wants to actually do with her life. Not to say that being an art teacher a few hours a week at a retirement home isn’t a career, but she’s extremely talented as an artist and she should get back to that.

As far as Jen goes, number one is watching her balance motherhood with being the badass realtor that she seems like she was always meant to be. Now that she’s out from the rule of her mother-in-law, no thanks to Judy, and she’s currently clear of any charges she may have faced for Steve’s murder, she can truly concentrate on nurturing her entitled older son and being fully present for her youngest son’s never-ending adventures of curiosity.

james marsden in Dead to Me

James Marsden in Dead to Me

Given the fact that Steve is now gone (good riddance) and his twin brother Ben has entered the picture – and possibly killed either Jen or Judy, but we don’t know yet – it’s only fitting that a triplet makes his debut in this third and final season. Why not, right? Dead to Me creator Liz Feldman was nice enough to give us two James Marsdens. We should all have faith that Mr. Marsden can pull off brother number three without fail.

Judy and Jen may have killed each other’s significant others, and done a lot of shady things to keep their secrets, leading to their perfectly flawed co-dependency on each other, however I can honestly say I’m going to miss the truly strange, yet oddly comforting bond that they have with each other. They cry together, co-parent together, wine together, and get rid of bodies together. It’s the ride or die friendship we all need in our lives. Cheers to season 3!

liz feldman, linda cardellini and christina applegate in dead to me

Liz Feldman working with Linda Cardellini and Christine Applegate on Dead to Me



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