One of the hottest gaming announcements of this summer has been Motive Studios‘ Dead Space remake. The remake was first showcased during the finale of the EA Play Live 2021 presentation, and questions have been swirling ever since. This past Tuesday, Philippe Ducharme, the Senior Producer, and Roman Campos-Oriola, the Creative Director, sat down to answer some burning inquiries, and of course, give gamers an inside look at the Dead Space remake’s development. 

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Revisiting a Classic 

For those unfamiliar, the original Dead Space was a survival horror video game released in 2008 and was developed by Visceral Games (formerly EA Redwood Shores). After its release, Dead Space received countless nominations, several awards and remains one of the greatest games of 2008. Sadly, Visceral Games dissolved in 2017. So Motive Studios, the team behind Star Wars: Squadrons, has taken on the mantle of remaking this space horror classic. 

The Dead Space remake is being built in DICE’s Frostbite engine and features a combination of the legacy assets of the USG Ishimura and new levels of detail from the Motive Studios team. Throughout the livestream, Campos-Oriola stated that their biggest focus is on the ambiance of the game. By utilizing next-gen graphics, lighting, VFX, and audio, the developers want to deliver an unforgettable Dead Space experience. And from the looks of the early pre-production build, they are right on track to doing so. 

2008 vs 2021 Dead Space

2008 vs 2021 – Dead Space (Motive Studios)


Gruesome Gameplay

Of course, Dead Space isn’t Dead Space unless you’re taking down some nasty Necromorphs. In this early pre-production build, we got a good look at several weapons and projectiles used against necromorphs, including the Plasma Cutter. This remake is all about precision while aiming and shooting. Knowing the weakness and ligaments of Necromoprhs will be vital in gaining the upper hand in combat. It’s the difference between quickly dismembering an enemy or slowly peeling the flesh off their nasty space bones. 

And what is space without some zero-g exploration? Zero-G exploration is one of the many features from the sequels that the developers have added to the Dead Space remake. Now, players can fly through areas of the USG Ishimura and truly feel the “space” in Dead Space. Likewise, this mechanic also has allowed the Motive Studios team to provide additional challenges in this familiar environment. Players can look forward to a balance between the familiar and fearsome because the developers promise to increase tension throughout the game with further gameplay surprises. How do they plan to keep players on their toes? We’ll just have to wait and see! 

Expanding the World

Alongside gameplay, the story and worldbuilding of Dead Space are getting expanded as well. Information and events introduced in Dead Space 2Dead Space 3, the novels, and more will be added to the remake. The developers wanted to help flesh out the universe that has become more established and enriched over the years. Additionally, the characters that surround Issac will get more substance as well, including Nicole. Players can look forward to further discovering what exactly happened to her during the outbreak in this remake. 

concept art of the USG Ishimura

Dead Space (Motive Studios)

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One of the biggest announcements of the livestream was that Gunner Wright, the voice actor for Issac Clark in Dead Space 2 & Dead Space 3, would be returning and voicing Issac in the remake. Originally, Issac wasn’t voiced in Dead Space. However, the developers thought Issac’s voice needed to appear in their remake to elevate this Dead Space experience. To ensure the feeling of isolation and horror of the first game, Issac will only speak when spoken to or when the situation requires him to react. Thus, those quiet moments of horrifying exploration will feel even more poignant since Issac will be as fearfully silent as the player guiding him. 

On the Horizon

So far the Dead Space remake is looking incredibly solid. You can really tell the passion Motive Studios has to uphold the original while bringing in unique elements that will frighten and excite players. I personally love the integration of features from the sequels into the original; creating a true love letter to the series. But the real test will be when we see our first alpha or beta gameplay trailer. From there, we’ll see just how smoothly (and terrifying) the Dead Space remake plays.  

Just within the past few years, we’ve seen some impressive remakes. Final Fantasy VII Remake and the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 remake are still highly praised by original fans and newcomers alike. And we do not doubt that the Dead Space remake can potentially join their ranks. Right now, there is no ETA for when the Dead Space remake will be released. But all of us at GGA are looking forward to hearing more information about this title! 

What are your thoughts on the Dead Space remake? Let us know in the comments below or on social media!



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