The next chapter of the horrifying asymmetrical survival game Dead by Daylight officially releases today. The 17th chapter, known as “Descend Beyond,” introduces both a new killer and a new survivor into the mix. This new update isn’t the addition of another franchise’s intellectual property, but one of Behaviour‘s original design. The new killer fits into the orange blight aesthetic that has graced the game for years. So let’s take a look at the lore side of our newest arrivals to the fog.

The Blight

The Blight in Dead by Daylight.

The entity’s new killer, Talbot Grimes, known as “The Blight,” was a Scottish chemist. Even in his youth he was driven to rather unsettling experiments to feed his curiosities. As an adult he joined the East India Trading Company and created a chemical that increased one’s production rate. They rewarded him with his own lab underneath the internment camp on Dyer Island. But, his work created many enemies, one who decided the best course of action was to take a steel pipe to the back of his head. Tossed into a wagon and carried off and tossed into a mass grave, Grimes finally came face to face with what his work had caused.

But death wouldn’t come easily. He awoke very much alive within a mysterious school that wanted his aid in researching a mind-altering drug. He agreed to help while recovery from his own injuries, but things began to change as he came closer to a breakthrough. The monks became distant, and the last Grimes saw of the school was it cracking apart above him. Again he thought he met death only to awake in a new place. The basement opium den was dark, and as he tried to piece his memories together, a needle was thrust into his arm and he drifted from the world one more time.

When he awoke, he grabbed a stone and carved his work into the walls around him. For hours he covered every available surface of the den in writing until he ran out of room. He turned the stone to his chest and continued on. When he was done, he witnessed what could only be a miracle. A field of lush orange flowers as far as he could see. A disembodied voice beckoned him forward promising him worlds beyond human comprehension. When the denizens of the opium den awoke, Grimes was gone, and across the wall was scrawled over and over, “death is only the beginning.”

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Felix Richter

Felix chasing after his father in Dead by Daylight.

The Blight didn’t come into the entity’s realm alone in “Descend Beyond.” The new survivor goes by the name of Felix Richter, a German architect. In his youth he fell in love with buildings, knowing he wanted to change the world with his designs. When he did surprisingly well, he didn’t believe that it had anything to do with his skills but more that he was wealthy and came from a famous family. He was socially awkward as a child, and during his teenage years his family vacationed on Dyer Island.

During one of his family summer trips to Dyer Island, his small group of friends, known as “The Pariahs,” began to investigate the ruins of an old internment camp. Among the collapsed buildings they found a small laboratory below with hundreds of skeletons and vials of unknown liquids. Before they could investigate further, the ground began to shake and a mysterious fog and claws appeared. Terrorized, the Pariahs didn’t know what to do, but their parents arrived to save them.

The Pariahs did escape, but their parents did not make it out with them. Instead, the claws dragged them off into the realm behind without even a hint of to where. Felix and his new orphaned friends came together to try and unravel the mystery. After years of dead ends, the group slowly drifted apart. Felix dived into this work as an architect and put on the act of his life pretending to finally belong in the world he was born. But no matter how well of an act he put on he couldn’t fool himself. He drowned his insecurities with alcohol wishing only to have his father there to impart some hard advice or wisdom.

When Felix’s girlfriend shared that she was expecting, he decided it was time to turn his life around. Wanting to inspire his son like his father did for him, Felix started a new project on Dyer Island. This one would be something more than any of his other buildings– it would be his legacy. During a survey of the site on Dyer Island about six months into the project, Felix came face to face with his past. A thick fog formed, and from within walked his father. No words were spoken between the two, but Felix could see the disappointment on his father’s face. As he turned and walked back into the fog, Felix chased after him. He was never seen again.

Welcome to the Fog?

The lore behind Dead By Daylight‘s “Descend Beyond” chapter is terrific. The haunting tale of Talbot Grimes’ deep spiral into his own twisted curiosities plays well alongside Felix Richter’s imposter syndrome and the horror of losing his father. The Blight comes off as a sympathetic killer. The lore makes me believe that he never wanted to hurt anyone and was more than willing to meet the same fate when confronted with the truth. Felix struggles just as much, only wishing that his father was still with him to guide him.

But Felix’s lore does give us some information that has got me thinking. Felix’s father, along with the parents of the other Pariahs’ parents, was sucked into the fog. His lore also suggests that this has happened to others as well. Could he have been working with the families of our current survivors before his own journey into the fog? Is there another realm within the fog where Felix’s father resides? Maybe we are thinking a tad bit too much about this, but it would be very interesting to see where it takes us.

Dead By Daylight‘s Descend Beyond chapter is playable now on PC through Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Google Stadia.




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