The four vs one asymmetrical horror survival game Dead by Daylight is going through some major changes. Behaviour has officially named this year-long glow up “The Realm Beyond.” The changes will drop periodically throughout the year alongside other scheduled updates. Each patch will update a smaller portion of the larger project, in the end giving players a visually new game. The first update will launch on September 8, 2020, and features some pretty major changes right off the bat.

The Dead by Daylight team shared a new trailer showing off the changes on both the Springwood and Yamaoka Estate maps. The before and after shots prove just how amazing the art team at Behaviour is. They focused on everything from visually updating buildings and rooms to lighting. We even have a brand new killer shack that finally makes it look as intimidating as it should be. Players were given the chance to test out these changes during the last Public Test Realm, and in game the changes are just as good.

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Changes to the maps aren’t the only ones we are going to see. They have also updated the visual animations for both generator repairs and chest opening, allowing you to actually see your character interacting differently depending on what side of the generator they are on. The changes to chests include players physically yanking and breaking off the lock before opening it up. These changes are only the beginning, though, as by the end this is going to feel like a whole new game.

The Realm Beyond updates coming to Dead by Daylight are extremely welcome in my book. The changes will help to add another level of immersion, which is the perfect thing for horror games. Not to mention after four years of watching the same animations over and over, these changes are more than welcome. I’m hoping that in the next update we get a new animation for healing both ourselves and other survivors.

Dead by Daylight is available to play now for PC through Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Google Stadia.



Julia Roth
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