After the release of Dead by Daylight‘s latest chapter, players got an early announcement about what to expect next. Behaviour’s asymmetrical horror game will be bringing us a new chapter based on the Japanese horror film Ringu. The short teaser shows a generator in the woods and as it pans around, we eventually see a well. They do share that the crossover is specifically associated with the original story. I guess we won’t be seeing Naomi Watts‘ Rachel Keller from America’s 2002 remake as a survivor.

Even though Behaviour has given us very little so far, we have a few theories and hopes of our own. First, the brand new killer is going to be Sadako Yamamura, portrayed by Rie Inō in the film. I hope that Dead by Daylight‘s version gives us a good recreation of the character. I would love to play against a short killer with her dark hair over her face. Sadako was one of my original nightmares. In Ringu, her soul lives on after her death within a videotape and I can’t imagine that they would ignore such an iconic piece of the film. I wonder if she will have the ability to curse survivors, forcing them to interact with televisions found on the map.

The well is an essential part of Ringu as well. Sadako died after being thrown down it by her father. And we do see one within Dead by Daylight‘s teaser. A few killers within the game can teleport across the map, like Demogorgon and Freddy. So it is possible that Sadako will be able to move about the map through her wells or even a TV. Nothing would terrify me more than to see her climbing out of one as I flip my camera back and forth on a generator. There is so much they can do with Sadako and I hope they really hit this one out of the park.

Sadako's well in the Dead by Daylight Ringu crossover trailer.

Sadako’s well in the Dead by Daylight Ringu crossover trailer.

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Now, they haven’t shared if we will see a survivor along with this chapter. But, if we do, I hope we see Reiko Asakawa, portrayed by Nanako Matsushima in the film. She is a journalist in Ringu and the one to uncover the secret behind Sadako’s curse. Her perks could be linked to her investigative abilities, similar to Detective Tapp’s. And what is better than one survivor – two! I’m a survivor main; what did you expect? They could also include Nanako’s former husband, Ryūji Takayama, portrayed by Hiroyuki Ōtaka in the film. He can detect supernatural auras within the film that would translate to some fun survivor perks.

And finally, my last theory and hope for Dead by Daylight‘s crossover with Ringu is a brand new map. While the trailer looks like it takes place on the Shelter Woods map, it doesn’t mean we can’t get a new one. Behavior could recreate any number of places in the fog, including the rental cabins where Reiko first uncovers the videotape and eventually finds Sadako’s well or Izu Ōshima island where they uncover Sadako’s parent’s horrifying past. My money is the cabins since it plays such a big part in Sadako’s life and afterlife.

Dead by Daylight‘s crossover with Ringu will hit the game in March 2022, so we have quite a bit of time to speculate what will happen. The game and chapters can be found on PC through Steam and the Epic Game Store. They can also be purchased for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on the store, Xbox One and Xbox Series X through the store and for the Nintendo Switch through their store. Check the trailer out below. Who do you think will make their way into the fog? Let us know in the comments below and on social media!


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