Unless you have been living under a rock, chances are you have heard about the upcoming chapter for Dead by Daylight. At the Resident Evil showcase in April, Mathieu Côté announced that Capcom and Behaviour have finally come together! Now we won’t know anything about the chapter until Dead by Daylight‘s anniversary event later this month. But that doesn’t mean the community hasn’t begun theorizing who we will see enter the Fog. So, of course, I had to throw my two cents in!

A quick note that this post contains a few spoilers for Resident Evil Village, so tread carefully.

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Killer Choice

There are so many good choices for the killer role and the addition of Resident Evil Village only makes it harder! They could go the traditional route with Mr. X or Nemesis. Or they could pull from more recent games like one of the Baker family members or Lady Dimitrescu. What we really have to think about is what kind of powers they would have in the game that would set them apart from the other killers. 

While it would be amazing to have Lady Dimistrescu stalking after us and having to bend over to walk through doors in the buildings, she seems a bit improbable. Another option could be Heisenberg using his giant hammer to smash survivors, but his ability to use magnetic fields could make things complicated. Even Mr. X and Nemesis seem a bit out of place since they are giant super-strong bioweapons. However, they could be the first killer that just uses their hands to crush a survivor into a different health state. Could you imagine their Mori?

Personally, my choice would be to add Donna/Angie from Resident Evil Village solely based on the idea that I want a doll killer in Dead by Daylight. Honestly, you wouldn’t even need to have Donna join Angie into the Fog as the Entity could control her itself. Now Donna uses the pheromones from plants to dull Ethan’s senses which is too close to the Clown’s bottles. But Angie, being a puppet, could attack with strings and her special power could be using them to set traps of some sort. Could you imagine the cosmetics she could get!

Mr X, Angie and Lady Dimitrescu from the Resident Evil franchise.

Mr X, Angie and Lady Dimitrescu from the Resident Evil franchise.

Survivor Choice

If you had asked me last week who my choice for survivor would be, I would have said, Chris Redfield or Jill Valentine. The two original Resident Evil protagonists are almost a shoo-in for the spot. But then we have to remember that Chris can punch boulders and Jill took down Nemesis multiple times. So it seems less realistic that they would just run away from the killers and more realistic, they would face them head-on.

However, after my Resident Evil Village playthrough, I have a new vote for the survivor. I think Ethan Winters would be perfect. First, as far as we know, he isn’t going to be in anymore of the Resident Evil games. This doesn’t mean they can’t use current characters; we have Steve, Nancy and the Demogorgon from Stranger Things. But it would make sense that the Entity would pull him into the Fog to suffer some more after his death.

This is my hot take on the idea, though. They could add whatever character they want and build a kit that is more Resident Evil themed. Then they could go on the release cosmetic skins that let us play as a different character from the franchise. They have already done this with Cheryl from the Silent Hill chapter. But who would they start with? If you go by Mathieu Côté quote from the reveal then it would be Claire. He is extremely calculated when it comes to these things so is he trying to throw us off or give us a hint?

Jill Valentine, Chris Redfield and Claire Redfield from the Resident Evil Franchise.

Jill Valentine, Chris Redfield and Claire Redfield from the Resident Evil Franchise.

New Map?

A new chapter for Dead by Daylight doesn’t mean we are getting a new map. But how cool would it be to have one inspired by Resident Evil! Depending on who we get as a killer could change the location. For example, it could be Lady Dimitrescu’s castle or Donna’s home from Resident Evil Village. Or we could get the streets of Raccoon City where Mr. X or Nemesis can stalk us!

Realistically, I think if we are going to get a map, it would be based on a location iconic to the series and not based on the killer. For example, they could create a map from the police station in Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 or the Spencer Mansion from the original game. An indoor police station map would be great and the easter eggs they could share in there would be endless! But my ultimate hope is that we will get the Spencer Mansion to explore and escape from.

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Regardless of who will be joining us in the Fog, we are beyond excited for this chapter to release! Dead by Daylight has spent the last five years making a name for themselves in the horror video game genre and it is about time we see the Resident Evil franchise send one of their very own to do the Entity’s bidding. If you haven’t played Dead by Daylight, what are you waiting for? It is available to play on PC through Steam, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and the Nintendo Switch.

Who do you think we are going to see? Let us know in the comments below and on social media! Make sure to check out the Dead by Daylight anniversary event on May 25, 2021, to see if your guess is right!


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