Oh, Behaviour. You have been up to so much recently that it has been almost impossible to keep up with everything, but don’t worry, we have you covered. I have compiled a list of the latest major news and updates coming to Dead by Daylight. Haven’t gotten the chance to play? Well, now is the time to join the Fog! Dead by Daylight is available on PC through Steam, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and the Nintendo Switch.

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Resident Evil Chapter

If you just so happened to miss the Resident Evil showcase last month and then miss all of the exciting tweets afterward, then let me be the one to share the exciting news! The next chapter for Dead by Daylight is going to be Resident Evil-themed! Now keep in mind we have absolutely no idea who the killer and or survivor will be or if we are going to get a new map. But guys – Resident Evil. It’s bound to be amazing. I hope that we will get a Tyrant base model with skins that change what they can look like and I am throwing my hat in for a Carlos survivor.

More information will be released during the 5th Anniversary celebration on May 25, 2021, over on Twitch.  

Crypt TV Collection

If Resident Evil entering into the Fog wasn’t exciting enough, they have also partnered with Crypt TV to bring a collection of new killer cosmetics. And let me tell you, these do not disappoint! Crypt TV has been slowly creating an interconnecting universe of horrifying monsters since 2015. And they are horrifying! The collection trailer shows off new skins for The Doctor, Hag and Huntress based on Look-See, The Bitch Witch and The Mordeo. I am hopeful that this means there is a chance we are going to see future collections and maybe even a chapter based on one of Crypt TV’s properties.

Tome VII – Forsaken

Today kicks off the seventh tome titled Forsaken. It features all-new challenges for killers and survivors and a new rift with fun cosmetics. It also includes some special for Bill, our favorite grumpy old man. The rift will be available from May 5, 2021, until July 14, 2021. As always, the Tome can be finished afterwards but the rewards from the Rift are exclusive to the time frame. This archive will feature long-forgotten memories for Bill, the Plague and the mysterious Observer.

The Realm Beyond Part V and Graphical Character Updates

Behaviour has been committed to spending this year bringing us graphic updates as part of The Realm Beyond. Every few weeks, they have released newly updated maps to explore along with visual and audible changes to generators, doors and other map items. The latest update will include changes to the Coldwind Farms’ map and graphical changes to the Doctor. As if he wasn’t frightening enough.

They also shared that the original crew, Dwight, Claudette, Meg and Jake, are getting a facelift as well. They have been sharing their progress on Dead by Daylight‘s Twitter page. I was hopeful that with the updates to the maps, we would start seeing updates to other parts of the game. While it is funny massaging someone’s back while healing, I can’t wait to see animation changes come to the game. And a great place to start is updating character models!

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What are you most excited about? Personally, I can’t wait to terrify survivors with the Birch Witch Hag cosmetic and dive into the new Resident Evil chapter. Keep a lookout the closer we get to Dead by Daylight‘s anniversary for more exciting news!


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