We know that the holiday gift-giving season is right around the corner, but we aren’t ready to give up the spooky season just yet. And players of Behaviour’s Dead by Daylight don’t have to! We get to enjoy the spooky season all year long. Chances are there is at least one friend or family member on your list that has sold their soul to the entity, and we are here to help you find the perfect gift. Now, it’s more than likely they already own the game, so we have some other fun ideas.

If you do want to get them the game, you can find the base game and Chapters can be on PC through Steam. They can also be purchased for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on the store, Xbox One and Xbox Series X through the store and for the Nintendo Switch through their store. Auric cells can be purchased through the Dead by Daylight in-game store with funds through the respective PC or console store.

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Hooked On You

Okay, we said that this wouldn’t be a list of games, but we couldn’t pass up Hooked On You. The dating simulator that lets you find true love with one of four iconic killers from Dead by Daylight. It is equal parts swoon-worthy, terrifying and hysterical to playthrough. Do they already own the game? We suggest checking out the entire collection of Hooked On You merchandise from the official store!

Hooked On You is available now on PC through Steam.

Hooked On You Logo overtop Spirit, Trapper, Huntress and Wraith in the water.

Hooked On You

Bling For Your Ears

Have a Dead by Daylight fan on your list that rocks some sweet ear accessories? Then may we suggest a set of golden dangly earrings to show off their love for the game? They have the official logo, one for killers and one for survivors. Keep in mind that these are sold as a single earring, so you can mix and match them for the perfect pair!

Three earrings, one with the Dead by Daylight logo, one with the killer logo and one with the survivor logo.

Dead by Daylight

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Dress To Survive

Does your Dead by Daylight fan main survivor? Do they spend most of their days (and nights) repairing gens and running from crazy killers? Help them dress for success with fun shirts and sweaters inspired by our favorite in-game characters. Our personal favorite is Jeff’s Christmas sweater, but we can’t leave out Meg’s cat sweatshirt or Claudette’s dog sweatshirt.

An ugly sweater with a skull and candles on it, a sweatshirt with a cake and a sweatshirt with a dog.

Dead by Daylight

Dress to Kill

Now, if your Dead by Daylight fan is a killer main, we have you covered as well. You can’t go wrong with repping the Gunslinger with a Dead Dog Saloon hat. Or might we suggest the retro Huntress hoodie or vintage Trapper long sleeve? No matter what one you pick, you really can’t go wrong. They even have the Trapper mask so everyone can slay in style.

Dead Dog Saloon trucker hat, Huntress retro hoodie and Trapper long sleeve vintage shirt.

Dead by Daylight


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