Dead by Daylight has been teasing its next chapter on Twitter for a few weeks now. We’ve known it would be Korean-based thanks to those who could translate this hint and it would be music-based thanks to another hint. But I don’t think we were expecting what popped up on the PTB (playtest build) today. Chapter 19, titled All-Kill, introduces the new killer Ji-Woon “The Trickster” and survivor Yun-Jin Lee.

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The Trickster carrying one of his victims.

Ji-Woon, “The Trickster”, is a K-pop star recruited into the boy band NO SPIN by Yun-Jin Lee. He was already vain, to begin with, and only began to feel more jealous of his bandmates. His jealousy led to him leaving them to die in a fire, which in turn led him to become addicted to murder. Ji-Woon began kidnapping his victims and weaving their screams into his music. When the executives realized what was happening, they restricted his creative control.

This insult he paid back by kidnapping the board members in an elaborate murder plot. But just as he was about to kill Yun-Jin, who had rebranded Ji-Woon as The Trickster, the Fog appeared and pulled him into the Entity’s realm. This really sets up Yun-Jin’s story and how she makes her way to the Entity’s realm. He ruined her career and she would not let him get away. At the moment he was pulled into the Fog, she joined him.

When creating the chapter, Behaviour worked alongside Kevin Woo from the K-Pop band U-KISS and DJ Swivel. They wanted to make sure their portrayal of the K-Pop industry and community were as accurate as possible. From everything we have seen so far on the PTB and in art released by Behaviour, it is safe to say they did a fantastic job.

For a complete breakdown of The Trickster and Yun-Jin Lee’s abilities and perks, I suggest checking out the PTB. Give them a whirl while you are there and see if you can master the knife-wielding maniac. They have yet to announce when the chapter will be live, but hopefully, we will see it before the end of the month.

Dead by Daylight is available to play on PC through Steam, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and the Nintendo Switch.




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