Fans of Dead By Daylight and Stranger Things got some exciting news today. The Entity has descended upon the small down of Hawkins, Indiana and is bringing back a few new friends to join his realm. There has been much speculation over the last few weeks. We knew another chapter would be released before Halloween, but what that was to be had yet to be disclosed. A few days ago, Netflix dropped a tweet as a way to allude to the upcoming announcement and fans jumped all over it.

The Dead By Daylight trailer today confirmed everyone’s suspicions and gave us a look at what is coming. The first thing we see is the brand new map, The Underground Complex underneath the Hawkin’s National Laboratory. It is spooky and fits in perfect with the map themes. Out of the right hallway stalks out the new killer, the Demogorgon! It might seem like he is the only possible choice, but that isn’t so. I am curious to see how they are going to outfit him with different accessories and what his abilities are going to be.

As a survivor (mostly hooked and dying) main, I am most excited for the two new survivors. Normally we see just one new survivor for Dead By Daylight chapters, but this is a really blessing from the Entity. We are going to be getting, Steve “The Hair” Harrington and Nancy Wheeler! We were given a quick look at them through the security cameras as they were trying to call for help. They honestly could have chose anyone, but I am so happy they went with these two. While I had my doubts for both during season one of Stranger Things, they sure came a long way.

Nothing has been confirmed as far as perks, but they did give a small blurb that might give us some insight. Nancy is listed as a tough and aspiring journalist, which gives me the idea that she will be more along the side of investigation type perks. Steve, of course, is listed as a high school jock with a knack for finding trouble. This makes me think he is going to have more sport type perks. Whatever they decide to do, they had better have one of Steve’s perks be motherly. 

The Stranger Things chapter for Dead By Daylight will release in September on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 just in time for Halloween spooks! Keep up with the updates for the chapter here!

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