It is Thanksgiving which means tomorrow starts all of the amazing sales that will leave people frantically running from store to store. Who am I kidding that started like four hours ago. However, Behaviour has something up their sleeve for Black Friday and it looks great. Starting today, we are seeing slashed prices in Dead By Daylight thanks to all those killers.

On the list of items being slashed are all characters released prior to the Stranger Things chapter are on sale for 50%. So if you have been waiting on picking up a specific character now is the time! Now they didn’t forget about Steve, Nancy and the Demogorgon. They are on sale for 30% off each character making it a great time to add them to your rooster too.

But the big thing, the one we are most excited for is that every store cosmetic before the Stranger Things chapter is 30% off. This means that over 300 outfits are on sale, and we all know that when we look good in Dead By Daylight we play good. The best part is that the sale runs until December 5, 2019. This gives us a solid week to spend our small life savings in game.

Dead by Daylight it is playable now on PC through Steam, Xbox One, PS4 and the Nintendo Switch.

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