Dead By Daylight, the asymmetrical multi player horror survival game from Behaviour, has been doing a terrific job bringing new content to the game every few months. These content drops are known as chapters, usually including a new killer, survivor and map. The most recent chapter featured a special collaboration with The Stranger ThingsOutside of these chapter drops things pretty much stay the same, until now.

Today Behavior released more information regarding the new Archives and Rift. The Archives is a way to help showcase the games lore as well as provide players with new challenges. Each tome in the archive will focus on specific characters, the first being the Trapper, Evan McMacmillan, and Claudette Morel.  The tome will work similar to the blood web except players do not have to spend blood points to unlock it, they just need to complete the challenges. There are two paths to follow, a killer one or a survivor one. It is possible to complete both sides to earn more rewards per a tome. 

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The challenges when completed will reward players with blood points, special lore, and while the rift is currently open, rift fragments. Now each tome is connected to a specific rift, so if you are behind on the tome challenges, you will need to catch up in order to unlock the rift fragments. The Archives and Tomes are a perfect addition to Dead By Daylight as they really help to give players something to work towards. There are daily challenges currently that reward blood points, however you can only complete three a day. This will help players gain blood points during gameplay to help level their survivors and killers.

The other part of their announcement was the addition of the Rift. This is a battle pass that rewards players with new cosmetics, player charms, auric cells (in game currency) and much more. Similar to other battle passes, there are two tracks, a free one and a premium one. The premium track will cost 1,000 auric cells (roughly $10) but will feature over $200 in cosmetic items the player can unlock. The rift will stay open for 70 days before vanishing and taking all of the items with them. Those earned beforehand will always be kept by the players. 

You can earn the rift fragments two different ways, by completing the corresponding tome challenges and by playing the game. I was able to get on and test the archives and the rift during its time on the players test realm and was really happy with how everything was laid out. As someone who plays a lot, it is great to see that we can unlock all of these by just playing the game.

I am also excited that we are going to have more things to work towards. The challenges within the tomes seemed like a great balance between fun and challenging. They even shook things up by having some challenges taking a few matches to complete and others requiring it to be done in one. This mix really helps break up gameplay, forcing players to have to focus on more tasks and increasing match times. 

If you don’t own the base game for Dead By Daylight you can purchase it for PC on Steam, or play it on PS4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch. The Archives and the Rift are set to release later this month. Hope to see you guys in the fog!



Julia Roth
Catch Me