The Justice Society is on the case! According to The Hollywood Reporter, DC’s latest animated film Justice Society: World War II has added a slew of all-star names to its roster. This will mark the first film in DC’s slate that will feature the Justice Society of America. The organization made its debut in the comic realm during World War II. 

Now, who will lead the charge among our team of heroes? Stana Katic will lend her voice to Wonder Woman and Matt Bomer will voice The Flash. This isn’t the first time Bomer and Katic have worked together. The pair voiced Superman and Lois Lane, respectively, in 2013’s animated feature Superman: Unbound.

The rest of the cast includes Elysia Rotaru (Black Canary), Chris Diamantopoulos (Steve Trevor), Omid Abtahi (Hawkman), Matthew Mercer (Hourman), Armen Taylor (Jay Garrick), Liam McIntyre (Aquaman), Ashleigh LaThrop (Iris West), Geoffrey Arend (Charles Halstead/Advisor), Keith Ferguson (Dr. Fate) and Darin De Paul (Roosevelt). 

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Jeff Wamester will be at the helm for Justice Society: World War II while Meghan Fitzmartin and Jeremy Adams will co-write the script. Wamester is most known for directing episodes of Disney XD’s Guardians of the Galaxy animated series. Both Fitzmartin and Adams previously wrote for Supernatural

Not much is known about Justice Society: World War II‘s plot beyond the cast and its obvious setting. We do know that it’s part of DC’s animated slate along with Batman: Soul of the Dragon, with the latter taking place in the 1970s. 

I’m digging the cast for this and I’m an avid fan of World War II history. Additionally, I’m excited to see a film that focuses solely on the Justice Society. DC’s animated ventures tend to fare better in quality over their live-action counterparts, in my humble opinion. 

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