Comic books have inspired more generations than the world could ever account for and no other comic publisher has done it better than DC Entertainment & Marvel. For over 80 years both publishers have created fictional characters like superheroes, characters with psychic powers, some even possess ultra-strengths, and in recent times have also added a lot of diversity to their creations with more characters of color or Asian ethnicity joining the lineup.

On one side, we’ve had the colorful engaging action figures of Marvel – Iron Man, Captain America, Black Panther, and Black Widow to mention a few, while with DC, we’ve gritty characters like Superman, Batman, The Flash, and a host of others.

The Battle for Cinema Supremacy

Both Marvel & DC have been churning out blockbuster movies since the start of the 21st century, but Marvel has been the clear winner in terms of raw box office numbers. Marvel has nine of the ten highest-grossing movies between both studios, with the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s (MCU) Avengers: Endgame & Avengers: Infinity War crossing the $2 billion mark. The DC Extended Universe (DCEU)‘s only entry is 2018’s Aquaman which grossed around $1.1 billion.

The organization and continuity of storytelling in the MCU have captured the attention of audiences over the world since Iron Man first appeared on our screens in 2008.

The Creation of Protagonists

Marvel’s ability to create protagonists (heroes) out of normal humans -with a few exceptions like Thor, Gamora, and those believed to be non-human entities – has garnered a lot of attention and realism from fans. The idea that superheroes in the MCU are humans or people learning and striving to become the heroes they want to be has allowed viewers to fantasize and made these characters more relatable, unlike DC’s heroes who started out as heroes themselves.

The majority of superheroes in the DCEU came from mythical origins, where their powers are almost like a birthright, almost like gods themselves. The idea that a young comic lover could dream of becoming Superman one day is something that’s rarely heard of as most of these DCEU storyline revolves around the superheroes wanting to be more human.

Storytelling & Movie Presentation

DC has struggled with translating its storylines onto the big screen with only the likes of The Batman: Trilogy (directed by Christopher Nolan), Wonder Woman and Aquaman regarded as successful movies outside the box office numbers. Movies like Man of Steel: Superman origin, The Suicide Squad, Batman vs Superman, Justice League to mention a few have been regarded as complete failures after failing to live up to their comic counterparts.

The DCEU has tried to achieve the on-screen success of rivals, MCU who rather portray their movies a single element, have done so as a collective putting the bigger picture into consideration for every single movie and character.

One could argue that maybe DCEU just has not found the right movie directors to translate their ideas onto the big screen, but something they definitely lack is Kevin Feige. The movie producer turned Head of Marvel Studios has done a great job of overseeing the MCU making it into the movie juggernaut Walt Disney thought it could become when bought the Marvel Cinema franchise back in 2009.

Tv Shows & Portrayal of Antagonists

It’s not all doom & gloom over at DC, they’ve achieved a lot of success in the tv series business, and one could even argue more than their rivals Marvel. Tv shows for comics like Green Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Smallville, to name a few have been a huge success in terms of both numbers of audience and storylines. The crossover of the Arrowverse, which includes series like Batwoman, Green Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl & the Legends of Tomorrow is a monumental event for fans of comic tv shows in the world. While Marvel has gotten things right in terms of movies, their attention to detail in tv shows have been somewhat disappointing. Series like Daredevil, Iron Fist, Legion, Agent Carter to mention a few haven’t achieved the success of the Marvel movies but an argument could also be made that most of the series belong to other studios and are not part of the MCU.

DC a Success In The Gaming Arena

The gaming industry has not been ignored by either DC Entertainment or Marvel. Both made sure to get a share of the online casino industry by partnering with the main developers of online slots games but while Marvel slots are history, DC Comics slots continue to grow in popularity.

In 2005 Marvel partnered with Cryptologic and released the first “Marvel casino games”, The Hulk and X-men slots at online casinos. This was the beginning of many successful casino games between Marvel Studios and several of the major developers of casino games like Playtech and NetEnt. Among the most popular games were Spider-Man, Thor, Captain Marvel, and Iron Man. When Walt Disney became the owners of Marvel Studios they decided not to renew the license agreement for these games, resulting in all Marvel-themed slots being removed from online casinos in 2017. This was a big hit for gamers, operators, and developers alike.

DC Comics, on the other hand, continues to thrive in the online casino arena. Through their parent company, Warner Bros, they partnered with Microgaming in 2013, creating the game, “The Dark Knight” and the follow-up, “The Dark Knight Rises”. Seven years later, both games are still on the leaderboard as the most popular progressive slots at PlayIgo and their success has encouraged Warner Bros to stay in the gaming industry. In recent years they have partnered with several game developers of casino and social games, releasing new high-quality games every year.


Both studios share the same potential for superhuman possibilities, more character development and with the introduction of streaming services like Disney+ and Warner Bros owned HBO-Max (who also own the DCEU) both Marvel & DC will continue to produce more exciting superhero hits both in terms of tv shows and movies. But the debate amongst fans of both publishers will rage on eternal. To keep you updated we continue to cover top stories from both sides!