DC films has taken its blows in the past.  But, with films like Wonder Woman, Aquaman and The Joker, they’re righting the ship.  DC is looking forward to what could be a very exciting and ‘sustainable’ future with R-rated movies and the return of some favorites.  Variety reported, Tuesday.

DC films is making changes in a few ways.  They’re leaning toward women… that’s good.  Wonder Woman 1984 and Birds of Prey are both slated to open in theaters next year.  They’re also pushing the content to the edge with R-ratings.  The Joker was their first R-rated film.  Birds of Prey and the Suicide Squad sequel are both expected to follow in those foot steps.  This is a shift to a more adult audience that has a lot of people excited about where DC could go, especially with Disney taking over the Marvel Universe. 

They are also looking at how to reinvent fan favorites.  Obviously Superman has been an incredible challenge.  Variety reported that there is no expectation of a new Superman film before 2023.  That’s probably good.  Rest is good.  Batman has had a number of ups and downs, and The Batman is coming.  We’ll see how that goes.  But, regardless, DC seems committed to finding ways to get those beloved characters to their audiences.

TV is playing a part as well.  DC’s television properties are inspiring thoughts about feature films.  The Flash and Batgirl are of particular interest and both series are getting screenplays.  That’s not to say DC is done with television.  There is a Green Lantern television show in the works, and HBO Max is looking for films to stream on its platform.  

By all accounts, DC is moving forward with a “strong sense of story” and an eye on sustaining audiences for a long time to come.  What do you think about all developments, DCU?  What are you most excited to see? 

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