DC Fandome has come and gone and left us wanting more of the upcoming film The Flash. The film’s star Ezra Miller presented a small clip of what’s been filmed so far. And it’s got a very recognizable voice narrating the clip.

The Flash film has been in the works for some time. Not to be confused with The CW’s The Flash, this film stems from 2017 Warner Bros film Justice League. Miller returns as Barry Allen and it looks like he’s playing with the timeline in this one. BTW, just a sidenote, Barry did not go by the Flash in the Justice League. He first heard that name in the CW Arrowverse Crossover, Crisis on Infinite Earths when Miller’s Barry came face to face with Grant Gustin‘s Flash.  We heard rumors that this would be the Flashpoint storyline when Barry goes back in time to save his mother from dying, only to set up some major changes in his life. 

The first look doesn’t give any major context to the plot. It is cool to hear that familiar voice though. Its Michael Keaton who is returning to the role of Batman, Bruce Wayne. He asks Barry, if he can go to any timeline, any universe, then why is he staying to fight for this one?  He points out that Barry changed the past and the future. 

There’s a glimpses of Barry returning to his childhood home and approaching a woman who I can only assume is Nora Allen (Maribel Verdu). There are two Barrys driving to Wayne Manor. Then shots of a hand reaching for another dark hand. The Bat mask on the floor with blood splattered next to it. The Flash looking up at someone tied to a contraption hanging in the air. Barry standing over an unconscious girl. The Flash spray painting a lightning bolt to his boots and then holding the Flash ring. And then we see the Flash again, standing in a cave, and his suit lights up. Batman walks into that same cave. In the next scene, the two Barrys and the new Supergirl (Sasha Calle) stand together as the Flash asks someone, “Are you in?” The final scene is of one of the Barry’s fidnign the Batmobile and uncovering it. The screen goes black but we hear Barry scream in amazement

From this clip, it appears two versions of the Flash team up and recruit Supergirl and Batman. There were no signs of a villain or Ben Affleck‘s Batman. With Flashpoint, there will be multiple versions of DC characters we know and love. It will be interesting to see who else Barry recruits and what or who it is they are fighting.

The Flash also stars Ron Livingston as Henry Allen; Kiersey Clemons as Iris West; and Temuera Morrison is listed on the IMDB page as Aquaman’s father Tom Curry. Watch the clip below.

The Flash is in production now and should premiere sometime in 2022.






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