Wonder Woman has come to the forefront of superhero fandom in recent years, mostly due to the blockbuster smash 2017 movie starring Gal Gadot, directed by Patty Jenkins. But, this isn’t Diana’s first rodeo. She’s got fans spanning the length of her existence.  And, the anniversary of the genesis of Wonder Woman has inspired DC Comics to celebrate her this year. They’re asking fans to join them in a #DayOfWonder to rejoice in Wonder Woman fandom.  

Wonder Woman first appeared on the pages of the DCU in All Star Comics #8.  That book was first published on October 21st, 1941. Yes, 77 years ago. Wonder Woman’s story continued in Sensation Comics #1 and ultimately in her own Wonder Woman series. The rest is history. She never left. DC acknowledges that Wonder Woman has inspired and does inspire people of all walks of life. And, they’re asking fans to tell them about it.

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On Sunday, October 21st they’re launching a day where fans can gather on social media to share stories about what Wonder Woman means to them. The DC Comics website says,  “Wear your favorite Wonder Woman t-shirt or accessory, tweet or post what Wonder Woman means to you or introduce us to the “wonder women” in your life. Just be sure to use the #DayOfWonder hashtag so that fans across the world can follow along.”

So, get in there, fans. Get your Amazon on. Whether your Wonder Woman is Gal or Lynda or a Diana on the street. Be bold. Tell the world what Wonder Woman means to you. We at GGA will be bringing you our thoughts on Sunday, too! 



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