If you’re a fan of the X-Men at all, then it’s very likely you’re very excited for this news — Dazzler is in the upcoming film, X-Men: Dark Phoenix. The film will see Sophie Turner as Jean Grey struggling with controlling her new found powers, mainly godlike telekinesis and telepathy. The rest of the team will have some difficult choices to make regarding her ultimate fate, especially with Lilandra and the Shi-ar Empire coming to execute the Phoenix before she grows to powerful. However, before any of that happens, it seems that we’ll see our intrepid teenagers enjoying a Dazzler concert!

At least that’s the way we’re taking it.

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Coming out of EW earlier today, we got confirmation that “mutant pop star Dazzler” will appear in the film. In the comics, she’s a mutant with the incredible power to turn sound waves into various explosions of light and color. This combined with an incredible singing voice and powerful stage presence makes her the greatest music act ever.

In fact, we’ve already seen her in X-Men: Apocalypse — sort of. The scene was cut from the film ultimately, but we did get an Instagram post showing Scott Summers, a.k.a. Cyclops, played by Tye Sheridan, teasing Jean Grey with a Dazzler album in a 1980’s mall record store. We’ve got it embedded below.

Apparently, casting notices for the role have gone out. Sadly, as they point out in their article, “Dazzler will pop up but only in a small role and there is no plan at the moment to have (Taylor) Swift play her.”

Sorry 1989 fans, but apparently there’s no room for TayTay in Fox’s X-Men universe.

But maybe they’ll make her Lila Cheney…

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